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    Combinables Price Tracker

    End of Oct
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Is that on straights or compound?
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Has anyone acted on OSR today? What’s has been offered? Started the day here 542, now 560
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    Sourcing Cat C9 injectors

    Thank you everyone. It’s seems you are right @principal skinner, no shortcuts with this one 😫
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    Sourcing Cat C9 injectors

    Hi folks. Could anyone tell me where to source Cat C9 engine injectors? My challenger is currently down in the middle of osr drilling after a year of headache with intermittent faults. I think I’ll be replacing all 6 injectors asap. I have priced genuine injectors from a main dealer but...
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    Land drainage contractors

    @Si85 ?
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    Partridge conservation

    Have you got any old drums you can wash out well and chisel slots into? Cheaper than buying feeders at £30 a time.
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    Partridge conservation

    Hi Ben. I have a private grey partridge conservation project on my farm. I think the best thing you can do is talk to neighbours about doing the basics, such as creating some habitat through a stewardship scheme, pest control and feeding. Without having neighbours on board you’ll end up...
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    AB9 two year species

    I’d second chicory. My 2nd year plots rely on chicory/kale and phacelia volunteers. Chicory gives some overhead protection for birds in late winter too 👍🏻
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    Situation Vacant Harvest position with the chance to stay on

    I’m looking for a hard working and motivated individual to join me for harvest on our family farm near Retford, with the potential for the right candidate to stay on longer term. This role will include: - grain carting - grain store tasks - record keeping - general arable farm work - general...
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    Pollen Beetle in OSR

    You’ll not be far away in Lincolnshire? What’s the pressure like there?
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    Pollen Beetle in OSR

    Insyst 200g/ha
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    Pollen Beetle in OSR

    I have 80-110 per plant. In some cases more. I had the same pressure two years ago. Agro was v relaxed and said don’t treat but I did as they were literally wiping my crop out. Neighbours who waited had masses of potential wiped out. Have sprayed a tankful this evening just before dark to limit...
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    Larson traps.

    Don’t suppose anyone would have a carrion spare near top end of Notts??
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    Lithan n settings Kuhn Axis 40.1

    The year before it was 5. Different batches do have an effect