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    Price of decent crush

    Good question!
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    Price of decent crush

    I have a goodly heap of decent crush, after a mobile crusher came to visit. Trouble is lots of people now want to buy some, and I've little idea what to charge. Size ranges from just smaller than fist size to fines. Good clean stuff. Any pointers much appreciated!
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    Will the new wheels fit?

    Thanks. Rears look similar with 8 studs, but fronts on 6900 have 10, rather than 8 on the 6410
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    Will the new wheels fit?

    Sorry for the schoolboy question- would a set of fat wheels and tyres from a JD 6410 fit straight on to my jd6900? They are 66x43 Goodyear and 48x25 firestones. Existing ones are 20.8r38 on 18inch rims and 16.9r28 on front. Get a bit confused about this sort of thing so any help much...
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    Laying a new slab inside a building

    Many thanks! It'll be an office unit eventually, but will have nothing heavier than pedestrian traffic. Presumably no need for mesh then? Thanks
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    Laying a new slab inside a building

    I've got to lay a new slab inside an old brick building and would be mightily grateful for some tips! I haven't done a whole shed before and done want to make any rookie errors... I have broken out the existing concrete, and will have a decent base of crush. Membrane first, lapped up the...
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    Tractors and machines you wish you'd never ....

    Pasquali ergo 8.80 alpine tractor. Theoretically a proper little tractor with all the features of a big one, but in a low, equal wheeled, you can't turn me over sort of frame that was meant to be good in the woods. In reality an unrelenting nightmare that broke every, and I do mean every, time...
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    Heating oil tank

    Putting in all bunded steels at the moment. Last much longer and cheaper to buy. Need to be on pedestals so you can inspect underneath. Hopefully will never put a plastic tank in again.
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    Ballpark GP bulk store costs

    How long is a piece of string I know, but are there any cost rules of thumb for new grainstores- say 3m concrete panels, box profile above, say 4.5m to eaves, powerfloat floor, roller shutter. 30m x 12m, or there abouts. Thanks
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    Triton direct seed drill

    I don't know why you chaps are sniggering. I've got my feet well and truly up after a busy month double-shifting the triton. 10ha an hour round the clock for the last month has netted me a cool £1,080,000 in contract charges, which I plan on spending in Barbados, and that's before I've totted...
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    Ground reinforcement mesh

    Can anyone recommend a ground reinforcement mesh for overflow parking etc. Probably just for cars, and to be laid on grass. I'm looking for something permanent, but don't want to be laying concrete. There seem to be quite a few options out there. Many thanks
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    Triton direct seed drill

    The thing I love more than anything else about this thread is the fact that no matter how explicit the mickey-taking, or how strong the sarcasm, certain propagandists just keep smashing on at 18k.
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    Diggy Diggy Hole

    Funnily enough I've got a digger putting in a new water pipe at the moment. Going along a long term non- inversion tilled headland today. Next door field is no till and has been since autumn 2016, and could easily dig a few pits. Do have a few flints, but not too bad. Herts, not far from m1. Pm...
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    Compost turners

    Oh dear, is it that much of a dark art? Muck and mystery... All I can read is of people getting second hand ones for a song. That would be the ideal, but I don't know where to sing. Thanks
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    Compost turners

    Being very on-trend I'm interested in getting hold of one of these, but don't know where to start. Basic questions like: Who sells them (Google no help) Do I need a creeper box on the deere (which I don't have) Roughly How much does a 4m machine cost Are they are general pita? Etc. Any...

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