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    When to roll new grass& clover ley

    Not grown grass before, but got some in amongst the August storms. Too wet to roll at the time, and it's now up and doing nicely on the whole. Inclination is to roll it either cambridge ( or flat if time) now, but dont want to damage clovers etc. What is best practice on this? Seed beds...
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    Linseed straw

    No risk at all. Vanishes to small pile of ash in minutes too.
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    Linseed straw

    Agreed, seems criminal. However, pretty sure you won't get it through the CO. I couldn't. No market round here either
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    Linseed straw

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    Killing millet

    Grew some summer cover in failed rape ground, and it did jolly well. Bit too well possibly. Anyhow, topped it, 2x cultivation passes and the buckwheat, phacelia, clover, mustard etc are long gone but the japanese(?) Millet, has gone bananas. What does it need? 4lts gly plus wetter? Thanks!
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    Today at work

    Started the linseed today, and spent a bit of time chasing the combine with the "baler". Followed by a bit of 🔥. And then it rained. Obviously
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    Today at work

    Big guns out today getting last of grass seed in- 13k and 6m covers a bit of ground for a tiny tractor. Then a bit of cover crop:
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    A Novice and his Aitchison Grassfarmer.

    First run out today. Didn't go entirely to plan... Stuck it in some barley stubble, but it struggled to cope with damp dead hedge mustard in the tramlines. Not disastrous, but not brilliant. Got a bit done, but quite slow. Then a load of tines came loose, so back to the yard for a tweak...
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    Today at work

    Desperate to get the grass clover ley in, but its flipping wet, with more on the way. Bit of head scratching and the old alvan blanch grass box was pressed into service on the smallest tractor. Turned out also to be the perfect match for the 6m grass harrows to follow up. I intend to do all...
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    A Novice and his Aitchison Grassfarmer.

    Got the drawbar, but not they didn't have the wheels. Will see how we get on mounted and maybe upgrade at some point
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    Clover understorey trial

    Oats not combined yet, so have to wait and see. Under winter barley was a dismal failure unfortunately.
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    ground breaking oilseed rape herbicide

    Round up? Usually best applied within 2 months of drilling.. Seriously, belkar?
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    A Novice and his Aitchison Grassfarmer.

    Yes indeed, that's the one!
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    I'm sure I once saw a wartime information sheet to aid the hungry in the identification of cat vs rabbit once skinned. Can't remember what it said, mind.

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