Pocket Guide to Farmer Safety Critical Skills

Pocket Guide to Farmer Safety Critical Skills 2021-09-14


The aim of these leaflets is to provide information about non-technical skills and risk management in farming. Each leaflet includes a brief research background, explains why the particular skill is important and provides some tips on implementing skills in practice. All leaflets are FREE to view and download.

NTSAg is pleased to launch a new A6 pocket guide to farmer safety critical non-technical skills. The guide condenses our farming safety research from the past 5 years into an easy to read format that encourages farmers to make notes as they go through. The idea is that the guide will provide a useful format for sharing information on these safety critical skills, provide guidance on how to implement the skills and enable each farmer to edit the guide to produce something that is specific to them and their farm. Click on the link below to download the pdf version of the guide, or contact Dr Amy Irwin ([email protected]) to receive a FREE printed copy.


1. To share the results of five years worth of research conducted with farmers for farmers.
2. To provide practical tips, based on farm research, on how to implement non-technical skills on the farm.
3. Farmers can personalise this guide by adding notes and adapting the practical suggestions to fit their own way of working.
4. By supporting non-technical skill use, in addition to current technical training, on farms we hope to make farmers safer.


Non-technical skills are the COGNITIVE (situation awareness, decision-making, task management), SOCIAL (teamwork, communication, leadership) and PERSONAL MANAGEMENT (fatigue and stress management) skills that, alongside technical knowledge, are necessary for SAFE and EFFECTIVE performance at work. We call this the common sense approach to safety – it doesn’t require any special kit, but might need you to do some things slightly differently


In the 1970’s a series of aviation incidents with no obvious technical cause prompted NASA and other organisations to take a close look at crew behaviours. Investigation showed that many of the incidents involved lapses in a range of skills, such as communication and teamwork. Nowadays all UK commercial pilots receive mandatory training in nontechnical skills as part of CRM. From 2015 the NTSAg team have been learning about the non-technical skills necessary for farming safety, resulting in this guide. After a period of research a set of key skills for flight safety were identified. These skills became part of a training program called ‘Crew Resource Management’ or CRM. These skills have also been found to be vital for safety in Healthcare, Nuclear Power, Rail and Offshore Drilling, among others.

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