1. F

    Livestock house

    Hi folks new to livestock need a shelter for 8 cattle any cheap options with wood chip bedding
  2. T

    Any advice and tips on becoming an estate gardener ?

    Iam currently an apprentice gardener with a local council, I'm studying horticulture and I'm hoping to become an estate gardener one day Is there any tickets (spraying and chainsaw I'm aware of) you'd recommend I get and also any knowledge and other things I can do / brush up on to boost my...
  3. Clive

    Land predicted to be below average flood level by 2030

    Interesting map. ? so who is going to be farming fish by 2030 ...
  4. Exfarmer

    Climate change, heat pumps the answer?

    It is minus zero outside, thank god for my heat pump? oh dear it is not working that well, despite all the promises!
  5. G

    New 3 meter power harrow combi with discs

    Looking to upgrade away from Suffolk coulters. I've had a look at kv, kuhn, pottinger, horsch. All look good. Any user opinions? Is there much difference in power requirement and lift capacity needed?
  6. G

    Who should be maintaining drains?

    Hi All Our 4 acre property (wales) holds the main house for the farmland around us and was split off from the farmland 25 yrs ago, when the owners son bought all the farm land from her. The main driveway on the property to the old house now serves all 3 houses on the property ,but is not owned...