1. Interagro News

    Stress-busting benefits of Albatross confirmed in Potatoes

    Stress-busting benefits of Albatross biostimulant confirmed in replicated field trials 2021 Potato productivity is greatly reduced with temperatures above the optimum of 20oC. The earlier in the season heat stress occurs, the more negative the impact on growth and yield. Previous research...
  2. J

    Final Year Agricultural Engineering Project - Swine Disease Detection

    As part of my final year project (agricultural engineering) I have been tasked with developing a sensor system for detecting the vital signs of swine livestock. For the first part of the project I need to complete market research. To help with this I have created a SHORT (5-10 minutes)...
  3. Herdwatch

    Farming Tasks: Breeding

    Hello everyone! This time we would like to know how farmers on the forum are managing their breeding. As it can have a substantial impact on your farm, it usually requires reliable planning and management. So we would like to know: Around what time of the year do you begin, do you follow...
  4. CRM AgriCommodities

    EU wheat markets spring into life

    Subscribe to this report direct to your mailbox Cereals Wheat in both the EU and on the UK market have followed US wheat prices higher in recent days on ongoing dryness concerns on both sides of the Atlantic. After two weeks of gains, UK Liffe wheat has opened up with vigour with new crop...