new holland t5

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    New Holland T5 105 Spool Valve and road bounce help

    I'm newish to tractors so please don't shoot me for the dumb questions. I've a New Holland Boomer 50 which wasnt quite cutting it for what I needed, so have just bought a New Holland T5 105. Two very different beasts I know. The boomer spool valves took my 4 Ton tipping trailer no problems but...
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    Claas Atos 350 with MX FL80 loader

    We are looking at a new Claas Atos 350 with a mx fl 80 loader with self leveling and mac attach on hoses . It has 3 mechanical spools and manual lift. 20 x 20 transmission with shuttle on a 40k box. Does anyone know anything about this tractor? Thanks