1. G

    Winter wheat yields

    Whats the opinion on wheat crops? 80% or 60% of normal
  2. Handy Andy

    Can rolling alone kill leatherjackets in cereal crops?

    The title says it all. My neighbour has an infestation of them in a crop of spring barley which went in behind a two year grass ley that never got ploughed up till February because of the wet winter. He power harrowed it then went through with a spring tine cultivator a week or so later in the...
  3. N

    Zack Bush - How roundup and other chemicals in modern farming are killing us.

    Have a listen to Dr Zack Bush at the food revolution summit 2020 (maybe somebody can sort out a link?) "it all starts in our gut" Microbiome death, gluten and mental health - He does a very well explained 45 min interview of how modern intensive arable farming's use of round up and other...
  4. Agritrade News RSS

    Precision slug control in the field

    Written by Jamie Day A new Innovate UK grant-funded project seeks to establish a robotic system to monitor and control slugs in field crops using biopesticides. The SlugBot project is a collaboration between Agri-Tech catalyst Crop Health and Protection (CHAP), the Small Robot Company (SRC)...
  5. Banana Bar

    OSR next year

    It’s become almost an addiction here to drill rape for an early start to harvest. The way our OSR looks this year we would of been better off fallowing for an early start. 30% was lost in the autumn which is now linseed, 20% has been put into barley or beans in the spring, 10% is in failed...
  6. Tomo86

    Post emergence rolling

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on rolling post emergence on spring cereals to encourage rooting and tillering. I’m planning to roll all of ours next week now it’s all got 3 leaves or more and it’s soaking up some fert after the rain.
  7. D

    Crop to graze then reseed august

    What crop would be worth drilling now to graze ready for a reseed late August. Field won't be ploughed. Combi drill/ cultivators. Ph was 6.8 2 year ago. P and k indices high 3-4. I was thinking stubble turnips forage rape kale?
  8. Oldmacdonald

    Whats the weaknesses of a simtech.

    Lurker here. Very interested to move away from plough and combi on our small mixed farm. 160acres cereals, 350 acres grass on regular rested programme plus forage crops . I like the look of the simtech. Low cost comparative to other options. What would be its drawbacks? Fairly loamy souls...
  9. ajd132

    Broadcasting Cover crops into standing crops

    I have access to a 36m rauch pneumatic spreader. I want to make the most of some catch crops before wheat drilling so was thinking of broadcasting some seed into the standing crops of oats, wheat and barley before rains are forecast. I was thinking of using buckwheat, linseed and some phacelia...
  10. F

    Reseeding very old ley. Tyfon pioneer crop

    I'm thinking of sowing Tyfon in the next two weeks, Early May. Land 10 acres sprayed next week and direct drilled with tyfon. In early August , would rotorvate and sow grass and clover seeds. Lime and PK would be applied now for the Tyfon. Any advice?
  11. Stupot70

    UK vs US - No Till

    Hi all, I had a question from one of my friends and wanted to get a more educated answer than mine (only been in the industry a few years) Any help greatly appreciated. In the US they do a lot of no-till farming compared to the UK. I wanted to know what the difference is here about the process...
  12. Northumberland

    fodder beet drill direction

    For grazing in situ on a 10 acre rectangle feild does it want to be drilled for short rows or long rows. Short rows means less length of elect fence to move every couple of days but will need a couple of rows or long rows and just one row? Cheers