1. Corteva Updates

    Stewardship tools enhanced as farmers prepare for propyzamide applications

    Significant upgrades to Corteva Agriscience’s Kerb Weather Data tool will help growers and advisers be even more precise when timing oilseed rape herbicide applications this winter. The data is relied upon by growers across the UK to identify the best time to apply AstroKerb® or Kerb® Flo 500...
  2. deeplume

    Cut or graze AB8 (Flower Rich Margins & Plots)...?

    Looking at using AB8 for some fairly big chunks of field on my next Stewardship. Do you cut or graze yours? Does anyone make hay from it? I've got cows to graze it with, so thinking that might be the easier / cheaper option but be good to have baling as a back up plan. Fairly happy that the cows...
  3. AF News

    The importance of planting trees and hedgerows

    The relaunched Countryside Stewardship Scheme includes a wealth of provisions for the planting of hedging, woodland, parkland and orchards. It’s estimated that an approximate 160,000 metres of hedging were removed between 1960 and 1985 in order to amalgamate fields, replace hedging with fences...
  4. Y

    Future farm support

    I am curious to see what people think of the new 'Health and Harmony'. If you're a farmer in the UK what will you do when your basic payment no longer exists and is replaced by ‘public money for public goods’? Please tell me your thoughts on Agri-environmental schemes post Brexit by filling out...
  5. jd24

    Stewardship Gs3 - Ryegrass seed-set Query

    Hi We are looking at the GS3 seed set option for some of our rougher permanent grass however it states " permanent grassland that has been cultivated and re-sown within the last 5 years " What is the logic behind this. Why does it have to be cultivated??? We overseed the fields but...
  6. E

    Direct drilling stewardship options

    Hi all, currently planning to direct drill using Cross Slot drill into temporary pasture Nectar Flower Mix (AB1) and Winter Bird Food (AB9). Will spray off four weeks before planting and planning to drill end of April. Any thoughts?