1. Interagro News

    Stress-busting benefits of Albatross confirmed in Potatoes

    Stress-busting benefits of Albatross biostimulant confirmed in replicated field trials 2021 Potato productivity is greatly reduced with temperatures above the optimum of 20oC. The earlier in the season heat stress occurs, the more negative the impact on growth and yield. Previous research...
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    New disease-free potato is resistant to blight

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland A new, disease-free potato, named CIP-Matilde, has been developed by international breeders in collaboration with farmers in Peru. All those involved with the development of this new variety claim that it is inherently resistant to late blight...
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    Farmers urged to watch for slug attacks after wet weather

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Farmers are being urged to watch out for a resurgence of slugs in farm crops over coming weeks after the recent wet weather. This is according to James Collingwood, commercial business manager for agronomy firm ProCam. “Be aware also that successful...
  4. N

    Dove Farm

    Is anybody else watching this on youtube as well as olly blogs? Lot more practical and down to earth and funny with it too.
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    Fine tuning strategies to achieve successful crop desiccation

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Following their first full season of diquat free desiccation, and potentially armed with greater knowledge gleaned from “real” non-trial conditions without a diquat safety net, many potato growers should now have an even better understanding of what it...
  6. Bigjon44

    Potato blight

    Anyone got a few patches of blight in their spuds with this very unpredictable weather!! What's the best product to apply?
  7. Agriland RSS

    Desiccating potato crops: What are the options in 2021?

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland With diquat no longer available (Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland), Irish potato growers will have no option but to look at other crop desiccation options over the coming weeks. This issue was the focus of a farm demonstration, hosted by the...
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    CAFRE to host potato haulm flailing workshop

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland A field day run by the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) will help potato growers with alternatives to Diquat. The workshops, run with the support of Grimme, will highlight how to set flailing machines correctly to provide a...
  9. S

    Golden Nuggets....the 'fake meat' revolution is on its way....

    Anthony Browne MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Environment writes in this week's Spectator, "Britain could be at the forefront of the revolution. We love animals: we are pragmatic about new technology". Further he writes "The FSA should now consider a fast - track...
  10. D

    Growing top notch Marforna

    How do you grow top qualty Marforna potatoes? As the Man said, " Well I would not start here" Yes I should have had them planted earlier & should have got them treated with Rhino powder. But what else? we can sell them, but quite hard to grow prone to been hollow & the slugs love'em. I've...
  11. spin cycle

    whats done this to spuds

    interesting photo on local faceache of some ones spuds....2 yr old pig muck used
  12. E

    a question for the potato experts

    My first lifted rocket have split and cracked . Can anyone explain why
  13. T

    Potato Pest

    Finding these critters in nearly every seed potato I scrat out to have a look at , usually 3 or 4 per potato burrowing in. Anyone know what they are and should I be worried ? I mean more worried than any potato growers constantly Is. Many thanks
  14. colhonk

    Potato fert

    Do potatoes need a sulphur fertiliser?
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    The role of potash in frost resistance

    Written by Agriland Team With the cold conditions that have impacted on the island of Ireland over recent days, and more of the same to come next week, it is worth considering the impact of soil potash levels on plant tolerance to cold. The role of potassium (K) in protecting crops against...