low imput cereal stewardship option

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  1. any one using low imput cereal option in stewardship with notill AB14 code

    been accepted for stewardship and have this option plan to grow spring barley notill can use avadex and eagle for weed control and some will be after a cove rsome just stubble any one doing this option already
  2. Are you using avadex because its not a "spray"?
  3. avadex is allowed by natural england as is eagle and 3 contack grass killers

    avadex will do bg oats eagle does cleavers and charlock and shepherds purse not planning to plant too early most of the problem weeds are covered not having a dense crop may throw up some other problems
    although last year we did grow some spring crops with very little herbicide imput
  4. Andrew K

    Andrew K Member

    I would be concerned about BG control with just Avadex, although i concede DD and spring drilling will ease risk a bit.
  5. BSH

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    Romsey, Hampshire
    I have this option as part of an HLS agreement. Have done oats and barley before but am doing one of the Western Seeds oat mixes this year. I went for oats because there is more oat seed per 100 kg! But was just contemplating this for next year and wondering about a pea oat and barley mix. Havent found the final soloution yet I dont think although the last time I did the oats it yielded well.
  6. Brisel

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    Yes, but not for harvest. I use it for grey partridge brood rearing strips next to beetle banks and on headlands. Just farm saved spring barley seed on wide row spacing and at a low seed rate of 80 kg/ha. Repeated use of the same sites makes them pretty weedy with wild oats & cleavers. Great insect habitat though. Too weedy to harvest so I just top them off after the combine has doen the rest of the field.

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