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Mar 3, 1973 (Age: 46)

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Staff Member, Male, 46, from Lichfield

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Jul 19, 2019 at 11:53 PM
    1. Val66
    2. Stew B
      Stew B
      You Clive Bailey who John suggested I contacted?
    3. Elliott
      Hello, can’t find where to get help on this so thought I’d come to you!
      Posting an add in classifieds. Got to the end. Needed 5 credits. Bought 10 via PayPal, but it hasn’t showed up yet. Says I still need to purchce. Got the receipt from PayPal.
      Many thanks
      1. Elliott
        Just seen the link to admin so I messaged on there. Apologies!
        Feb 6, 2019
    4. Sunshineyday
      Sunshineyday 'members maps' moved.I used to be able to find a member by I doing something wrong or has it moved.
    5. ahn2908
      Hi Clive - saw your comment regarding the Portek laser device for scaring birds. A but pricey. I live in town and have pigeons nesting in my guttering & roof. Any suggestions for an inexpensive deterrent?
    6. UTV Products
      UTV Products
      Thanks for watching mi porridge for me Clive..... Too many plates to spin some days. M
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    7. nobby11
      hi clive please could i pick a box of bangers from you today , im only 7 miles away, thanks
    8. holywell farmer
      holywell farmer
      Any ideas what's wrong with the pm system
    9. Goldilocks
      Hi Clive, Thinking of buying a secondhand Dale drill . Viewing tomorrow .Just wondering what you thought of yours. Cheers, Julian
      1. Clive
        Sold it after first year, good drill but not as versatile as the 750a and at the time I didn’t need x2 drills. We have a modified co6 now alongside the 750 for when we need a tine and for cheap extra capacity does pretty much the same job as the dale
        Apr 3, 2018
    10. Stu&springer
      Hi Clive do you know off any available pigeon shooting / rough shoot around Lichfield ,Rugeley area
      Regards stu
      1. Clive
        Oct 3, 2017
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    11. Lucy - RAMSAK
      Lucy - RAMSAK
      Hi Clive - I sold some P-Grow this morning. My email is - if you wanted me to email you some info to read through and have a think about i am more than happy to reply to the email you send me. We can usually get hold of pretty much anything if i am honest!
      1. Clive
        Jul 25, 2017
      2. Lucy - RAMSAK
        Lucy - RAMSAK
        Hi Clive, I have been making some enquiries - we are unable to source organic fert but any other fert we can get hold of. Thanks, Lucy
        Jul 27, 2017
    12. Lucy - RAMSAK
      Lucy - RAMSAK
      Hi Clive, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Lucy & I work for an Agri buying group & forage trader RAMSAK. I didn't know if it would be of use to you to join up or mention me to anyone you think worthwhile. We have members across Kent & the South but looking to expand our territory into Wales, Glos as well as anyone else across our area. If you need my contact details to phone for a chat just let me know
      1. Clive
        Hi Lucy - I find buying group way to expensive, have a look at TFF's partner site and let me know if you can supply any of the ag chems on there at lower price ?
        Jul 25, 2017
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    13. James H
      James H
      Hello Clive
      I'm looking to source some new seed tabs for our 750a and read that you had used bonilla. could you let me know if they are any good and where you got them from.
      thank you James
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    14. horizontal
      Hi Clive
      Great TFF as always
      Just one question - since the last update i havent been able to log in on my iphone 5c. the app shows me as guest but when i press log in it just swipes back to the page i was looking at so no way of logging in - any ideas
      many thanks
    15. Power Harrow Pilot
      Power Harrow Pilot
      Hi clive. A while ago you were on with making a seed dressing applicator. how did it go ? where did you get the pump from? were you thinking of making and selling them? cheers rich harper
    16. Simon Porter
      Simon Porter
      Hi Clive, I am still searching for the person you recommended who supplied your pacer pumps for fert mixing. Can you pls send me a link or address. Many thanks
      OOps, have just changed my e mail address on FForum to my current one in case you were e mailing me. Many thanks
    17. WallaceCurrie
      Hi there, Clive, my name is Wallace Currie, I am a degree agriculture student in my second year in scotland and am looking for a harvest job anywhere in the UK and this seems perfect, I have no arable experience but am a competent tractor driver. I am keen to learn if you could get back to me that would be fantastic, thank you.
      Mobile: 07468574477
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    18. Mydexta
      Hi Clive, I remember a while ago that you had posted about a pair of boots which you had which, if I'm
      Correct, you said had a life time guarantee?????

      What kind of boots were they??
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    19. GreenD Plus
      GreenD Plus
      Clive, I have only joined this morning, How best to I get information onto the forums about a new Renewable Diesel that we have recently introduced into the UK.
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    20. matt w
      matt w
      Clive, I am looking to buy some linseed and lupin seed for August for cattle feeding. Do you know of any locally?
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