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    Teat Dip and teat condition

    Using the KiwiKit 9:1 concentrate dip with Manuka honey. It's brilliant as you can vary the concentration as conditions worsen. Never had teat condition so good, very pleased.
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    Portable Concrete Cow Cubicles

    I have bought what I need now thanks.
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    Portable Cow Cubicles

    Any chance of pictures please and how much ?
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    Portable Cow Cubicles

    Does any one have any spare to sell? I need 62 please.Thanks, Cyril.
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    Portable Concrete Cow Cubicles

    Does any one have any for sale please? I would like to buy 62. Cheers, Cyril.
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    Waikato milk meters.

    Thanks for that
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    Waikato milk meters.

    I bought some on E Bay but need 8 more if anyone has any for sale please. Cyril
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    Irish cow imports

    I bought 20 from Buitilar and have been pleased with them.
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    Blast fron the Past 29 A very Small Cog in this World of ours

    Great to read and wise words.
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    Free Woodchip

    Morning, I put down 4000 tonnes of woodchip from Kroneospan 13 years ago and cannot get it any longer. What would you want per load to Chester CH3 7PD . Thanks , Mike Davies
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    What's everyone bedding their cubicles up with?

    I use rape straw through a straw chopper and it keeps my cattle very clean, also very absorbant in a straw yard situation.
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    Billionaire landowner Duke of Westminster dies aged 64

    Very sad news, a wonderful landlord to us as tenants and always approachable to discuss matters. The countryside is poorer today.
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    Fly Pour Ons

    Not had to use any yet but starting to get a few flies in parlour last night. I have used Swish and Spot On before and been disapointed.
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    Fly Pour Ons

    Anyone happy with a particular brand and do they really work?
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    Experienced Herdsperson

    An experienced herdsperson required for a 260 Spring/Autumn calving Friesian cross herd and followers .Enthusiastic and reliable applicants only need apply. Experience of grazing and AI and foot trimming an advantage. House on farm included , close to shops and four miles south of Chester. Need...