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    Massey ferguson disc harrow,discs

    Hi got a new set of scalloped discs for my 520 from Agricast in lincs. Not sure if they are same size as mounted discs?
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    Andrew Blenkiron

    As I understand they have a job to fill the post.The nfu in east anglia is a shadow of its former self.The staff in the newmarket office with experience have just about all gone now Paul Hammett the abstaction guy has retired.Most smaller growers will not pay NFU sub and the appallingRT so how...
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    Fuel price tracker

    Red 1.03 Kero 88.8 CPS short of fuel due to protestors 7 day deliv
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    Banks requiring business details?

    Our bank asked for partnership agreement(simple one only me and OH) then rejected it as it had not been Notorized. Had to find the local notory and get him to sign (£110) and send it to them again.We have banked with them for years perhaps they would not have made such a fuss if we had got large...
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    One for Dr Wazzock.

    The board of Ransomes looked at one of the early combines working in suffolk,they said they would never catch on.Similar to Standens resting on their laurels with the Rapide
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    Frontier haulage

    Fred Smarts at Papworth have been excellent -had the usual drivers who will happily unload seed if no one around also their grain movments have been spot on with plenty of notice when they were coming and no deductions!
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    Traditional harvest - labour

    Here in 1895 9 men cut 120 acres on piece having appointed a harvest king to negotiate with the farmer.Women and children tied the bonds and also pulled the tic beans. The next year a sail reaper was shared with next door so the men tied the bonds
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    The Anyone finished yet thread

    Siskin 71-73 BW Extase 70.5BW Planet 63.2 BW so not too bad
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    The Anyone finished yet thread

    Finished last night.Started WW sat @15.5% last night 13.9%. Siskin good Extase mediocre .Planet 3.2 /acre weighed so again a good performer.
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    Cancel your NFU membership now

    Cancelled mine -been members for 60 years
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    John Deere combine 1177 hydro or similar

    I run 1177 h4 cracking little combine no major issues 4400 hours only thig needed this year was hyraulic hose .Cut 200acre very easy to work on if needed. Stephen Haylock has a 1170 for asle straight off a small fen
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    Fuel price tracker

    red 41.7 cps fuels
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    Spring Barley Nitrogen content

    Planet 1.8n surprising as grew for feed now going for malt- suffolk
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    1.83n planet £133 immediate collection east anglia