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    Winter beans post em herbicide

    Hello, Centium is our product so please give the technical helpline a call and a member of our technical team will be able to give you some advise. Here is our technical helpline number - 01423 205011. Many thanks.
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    Foxtrot/Oskar or axial

    Hi Robbie, we do not support any other product in the tank with Foxtrot on spring barley, please apply the product alone in this instance. Any crop stress increases the risk of effects following application so extra caution is advised in prolonged dry spells, to mitigate the risk it is advisable...
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    Foxtrot/Oskar or axial

    Hi all, this is Hannah from FMC and we have just joined the Farming Forum. Happy to help out with any queries you have going forward on Foxtrot or any of our other products. Many thanks