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    NZ - UK trade deal.

    Ever since refrigeration was invented. We had a trade deal post WW2 for around 250k tons of lamb/mutton quota, however this was for carcasses and later modified to be carcase equivalent as more cuts were sent and was of course an EU deal. However the quota has not been anywhere near filled...
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    I am sure you are right but with one caveat. We now have trade deals with two countries with very low costs of production and presumably there will be more with countries in South America. In the short term they will not have sufficient volume to supply us but in the mid term, probably less than...
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    What are your rights when you have been left a half share in the net proceeds of sale and the net income until sale of a property (farm)

    Some more information is required on this. You state that you are now half owner, is that of the business or the land. If you have been left a half share of the land then there are a number of tax efficient ways of utilising the potential income from this. However if you have a half share in...
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    Force Majeure on capital work for Stewardship

    Presumably the CS agreement is 5 year agreement. Talk to your local NE person first and explain the situation and also ensure you have a timetable in place to complete the work in a reasonable timescale.
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    Winter Sheep Grazing Required, South and East of England

    Looking for grazing for Ewes or Lambs within 150 miles of Rye in East Sussex. Good prices paid depending on acreage and duration the sheep can stay. Fencing may be supplied. Please reply to 07976 255431 [email protected]
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    DEFRA consultation on Local Nature Recovery plans

    I have completed this but there seems to be a disconnect as without any mention of compensation or funding as well as an assurance that land can still be farmed then this would appear to Nationalisation by the back door.
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    Someone let the cat out of the bag…..

    Catch 22!! Do you try to influence the decision makers so any money available is spent on what benefits you and your business or just ignore it and the money is wasted anyway.
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    Fodder beetAny being sold in sussex

    Its a big county? Laurence Mathews in Surrey. Or a couple of people in Kent, sometimes cheaper to get bulker loads from East Anglia on return loads.
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    Someone let the cat out of the bag…..

    It is true we are being manipulated by lots of people that have no interest in agriculture. Today I had a conversation with a lady who will be responsible for administering some £8 million of public funds that are to go for research into Endemic diseases in livestock. It is apparent that the...
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    The live trade has only been a very small number from England & Wales for some time, and now stopped completely for any live animals whether for breeding or slaughter. The carcass trade continues but I don't know at what level at the present time, but one would presume it is still strong by the...
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    It is true the live export to France is no more as there are no Border Control Posts (BCP's) set up in France. Any livestock have to go through these to gain entry into the EU. Without them it is impossible to get a Journey Plan authorised by Defra. There have been lambs still going dead, but...
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    What are YOU doing to mitigate against Climate Change?

    Very many thanks for this excellent explanation of what appears to be a very complex issue. I shall put another log on.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Any lamb or cattle deadweight prices for this week?
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    What are YOU doing to mitigate against Climate Change?

    I am not sure that is correct. At present we have the lowest ever birth rate since records began and I haven't noticed any one starving yet in this country. What does of course make the greatest difference would be to reduce the population in the world, however at present everything is being...
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    What are YOU doing to mitigate against Climate Change?

    I agree but can someone do the calculation as to whether this is better than Oil or Gas for the planet?