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    Emergency budget threat to farmers poll!

    There will be Carbon taxes which will effect fuel prices. A great opportunity to tax fuel higher as it is at such a low price and many garages are making big profits on fuel. Our local supermarket (private) is only 99.9 p for petrol and 104.5 for diesel. I also would never be surprised to see...
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    Summer washout .

    I put up a new rain gauge at the end of April and it is still waiting for something to go in it! We never had enough to even wet the concrete and looking at the forecast we are unlikely to see any rain for some weeks.
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    You might have seen an apprentice grading wool under supervision but it is a very skilled job and will take up to 5 years to become a fully qualified Grader. Ironically it is somewhat easier to grade very fine wools in Australia as they are far more consistent. If you ever have a chance go and...
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    The BWMB do not take 50% but the total costs are around 40p per kg. Not a problem for wool valued at £1.00 per kg but a big problem for that which is only 35p!!!
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    When is it going to rain ?

    Never had enough to stop spraying or shearing. Still dusty!!
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    The BWMB will not be paying an advance payment on wool it receives this season. Normally it pays an up front payment of around 15% of the value of the wool. It will be paying last years balance payment for what has been sold, however almost a third is unsold. The Board pays the producer the...
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    You do not say where in the country you are and by the sound of it you are a long way away from your nearest live market. However your comments about only using deadweight selling and being much better off may well be true some of the time. Those of us who do not have the luxury of nearby...
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    Best game cover for mid-tier?

    0.5 hectare minimum block size
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    After WW2 there were a lot of Romneys crossed with a Southdown to produce a lustrous and relatively fine, around 28 micron fleece which made good hand knitting wool. These fleeces were surprisingly heavy as well. We used to keep a lot of these until they were two year olds as they were massively...
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    Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

    Don't you need rain for these to work??
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    What do you feed your Collie sheep dogs?

    All dogs on the farm get wormed regularly. If you are Red Tractor you have to put it in the medicine book as I am sure you all do!!
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    What do you feed your Collie sheep dogs?

    Arkwrights biscuits and dead sheep/lambs plus any cooked left overs seems to be fine for our pack. If short on meat Country Choice tins of dog food at no more than half a tin with biscuits seems to work as well. Don't give ad lib and only feed once in the evenings.
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    If you track the price of wool you will always see that the highest prices were always just before Wars. The last time the wool price was very high was at the start of the Korean War when the USA was still using the old pre war planning blueprint which said you needed to buy up all the wool in...
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    Unfortunately the people who handled this wool also ended up with their hair falling out!!!
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    Where do we stand ?

    You are in a weak position, however if you are friends with the official tenant it may well depend on what the tenancy agreement states as if sub letting is permitted.

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