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    Mice in grainstore

    yes but mice make them fart , so only suitable for outdoor dogs :sick:
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    Best TV intros from our youth.

    the original top gear theme , of the alman brothers 'Jessica' brings back memories of a thursday evening
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    What is best way to kill wasps?

    allegedly actelic dust used to work very well when it was still available ..........
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    Good service

    Greys attachments i needed some replacement spikes for the bale grab (bought s/h) i phoned Thursday pm , full set arrived this morning. ive just sent an email asking for an invoice so i can pay them as quick as they delivered to me top service
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    Today at work

    Today’s little purchase brought home , needs a little tlc and then good to get on with my other purchase from @Great In Grass
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    Today at work

    is it hedge cutting season already , saw some one going the other day round stubbles ?
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    Few from this week

    where are you based ?
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    Really early wheat drilling trial

    i think you can do one or the other , drill early or min till . not both
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    Potato hydrometer

    try martin lishman
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    Today at work

    Another day mining sh!t . Rather than @Adeptandy s flail I chose the chisel plough as tool of choice for finding old fences
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    Branded clothing

    thank you , I think it’s professional but sometimes I think we’ve all the gear but no idea 🤣
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    Branded clothing

    We have branded polos, jackets and overalls . But wear them for bull sales and showing only .Aids ones ego if nothing else
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    Baling contractors

    one for mr Cade then ?
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    Baling contractors

    @Andrew one for you ?

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