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    Today at work

    Just wondering how old he could be ? Any idea
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    Today at work

    Poor creature. Looks a big bu99er too ? I guess you could genuinely start a thread with how to move a dead giraffe tho ?
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    Salt on grassland?

    Laws Fertiliser supply Ag salt or Salt blend. i tried it for a couple of years and cant help thinking it was just solid snake oil in 600 kg bags
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    Buying road salt / grit

    If you use pvd salt - with no bits of rock it keeps the yard clean and not mucky . We used to get it from UAP now agrii
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    Nroso heavy handed email

    Tell them to do one 🖕
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    Who's got snow ?

    I keep forgetting there’s more than one Brampton. As I was thinking I’ve just checked cattle in the next village and is cold but not blizzard!!
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    are there other types of adapter commercially available then ?
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    Bowden cables (to oil or not to oil?)

    if its a build up of grim greace and worn metal - flushing out with solvent may help but if they are worn then replacement may be the better option
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    Our charity heifer donation for Breast Cancer

    Here she is, wash and clipped:
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    Today at work

    If you want more pics or dimensions just ask 👍
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    Today at work

    I’ve seen that used too. But I didn’t have any of that to hand
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    Today at work

    I designed the concept in my head . Halfway through the build I had the feeling it may be a bit heavy. However in my defence all the materials were ‘found’not purchased. The critical dimensions were 1) bulls not getting their heads stuck & 2) it must be exactly 1748mm square which is one crash...
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    Today at work

    Made a ring feeder . My neighbour says I’ve over engineered it ?
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    The positive thread

    its lucerne not clover! we had some patches of poor gappy establishment so have trialed cutting in some Italian grass to cover the bare bits
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    Today at work

    Did you mention a straw for muck deal too? Get paid to have it back ?