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    Kuhn 50.2 h-emc operator’s manual

    Hi John, Create you own MyKuhn account through the link below, and you will be able to access all of this or any other machines manuals by entering the s/n. You don't have to be the owner of the machine, and any Kuhn machine up to 20yrs old can be entered...
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    Lemken fert spreaders

    You need to ask Robt about this one, he’ll offer his honest opinion.
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    Best shallow cultivator to work along side 750 a

    Kuhn PROLANDER might be worth considering. Will work from 3-15cm and can be used on stubble to create a chit or for secondary pass seed bed preparation. 6 or 7.5m trailed and now 4, 5 and 6m mounted versions
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    Kuhn Cultimer/Lemken Karat,etc type of stubble cultivators

    Kuhn also do a smaller 2 row 7 leg version called the Cultimer 300 'M' which has been design to be price conscious and also suit the shorter 4 cyl. 80+ hp tractor range. Its available in traction bolt on non-stop versions, and to compensate for the fewer wider spaced legs, wider 480mm wings can...
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    User manual kuhn mds 701 901 921 fertiliser spreader

    Register on myKuhn and you can find the details of any Kuhn machine up to 20 years old!
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    Kuhn plough help
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    New spreader recommendations 24meter

    [emoji106][emoji106] off now then, I’ll leave the touting to you Rob! [emoji6]
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    New spreader recommendations 24meter

    Yup, very.
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    New spreader recommendations 24meter

    That’s pretty old tech then! [emoji1]
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    New spreader recommendations 24meter

    Like what?
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    Kuhn fbp 3135 vs MF lely tornado

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    Changes again in scotland
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    Xpress bounce.

    As mentioned, the Kuhn Optimer trailed discs will not bounce whatever conditions or speed, due to the design of having the transport axle in the middle of the machine.
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    I want to get A "Baler"

    They wouldn’t let this minor detail get in the way of a sale!