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    Goodbye Britannia!

    On a serious note I know no one who hates the Germans although I'm sure a few do and perhaps they have good reason if they or their family suffered at their hands, I have had conversations in the past with people living in the Alps that have told me they know a lot if French people who do hate...
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    Goodbye Britannia!

    I get the feeling she doesnt like the UK.
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    WTF has happened in Scotland?

    He is a slime ball of the highest order, he always seems to have an unpleasant smirk on his face, he and NS are worthy of each other
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    Princess nutnut

    Cant be much worse that Margaret becket or Cunningham
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    footpath width

    Every single path we have cross fields apart from one and they would have to swim the river if that one did, we have maps going back to 1700 and fields haven't changed, the paths go A to B the fields are shaped other reasons
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    Is Boris Banjaxed?

    Not as bad as Ted heath was or I've ended boom and bust brown.
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    Covid Vaccine Roll out.

    It's what sweden did, the problem us the press and opposition use deaths as a stick to beat any government with in five years we will be better able to see which way was best
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    Is Boris Banjaxed?

    Who would have thought that blair would be so badly remembered these days, at one point many thought he could walk on water, early days for Boris, it could go either way yet and many will never change their minds regardless
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    Best WW2 film?

    The longest day
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    Permanent muck heap

    I've been running a livery for over 20 years, all with full planning etc, never had an inspection yet
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    Covid Vaccine Roll out.

    And macron still wont lockdown, after the half term finishes there could be a huge rise in numbers, looking on webcams at the resort we were going to there was a lot of people about, still I guess if they contest the case numbers wont rise. I'm watching some cycling while having lunch, one day...
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    Very Nearly a Life Lesson

    Do you know what you were told is the truth or someone with a grudge telling tales?
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    Covid Vaccine Roll out.

    Saw a post on the skiing forum I'm on who lives in france said only 300 out of 4500 invited to have the AZ jab bothered to turn up,
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    Is Boris Banjaxed?

    Of course they should, all round the world, and if Hancock broke the law he should face the consequences, Ive not seen one claim he broke the law just he didnt release the details of contracts within the timescale needed, as I said unlawful and breaking laws are very different, of course what...
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    You have to laugh!

    I'm not sure which shows the stupidity of the human race more, the stupid idiots who couldnt walk across a muddy field or the fire brigade for putting all that stupid crap out, what was wrong with them carrying them out . I do wonder how the hell the human race will survive.