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    Direct beet drill

    Try this:
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    Vaderstad Rapid for direct drilling?

    Yield was actually slightly higher than normal and exceptionally high protein, but it was a good year (until harvest when it started to rain for weeks). Have bought a Gaspardo Gigante now. Did not manage to drill any winter wheat, it was too wet.
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    Vaderstad Rapid for direct drilling?

    Photo from harvest.
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    Gaspardo Gigante?

    Aha, maybe JD and Väderstad hires the same guy to figure out the hp requirements then. :unsure:
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    Gaspardo Gigante?

    Yes, but I wonder why JD 750A specifications requires only 110 hp for a 4 metre? They look quite the same?
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    Gaspardo Gigante?

    Does anyone have any experience of them? Would a Deutz Agrotron 150 be able to pull a the 4 m version?
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    No glyphosate no heavy land spring crops and

    And all because of a biased report.
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    The Claydon Terrablade

    Buy the Swedish "swizz knife" drill/ interrow hoe/harrow. ;)
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    Kongskilde Vibroflex drills

    I have seen a couple of these Kongskilde Vibroflex cultivators with an Accord drill hopper added to them. I'm just curious what they are intended for, do they work for cereals or are they only for drilling beans? I'm aware that Kongskilde have a Vibro Seeder drill but I do not know much about them.
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    Got to love the simplicity of these coulters

    Yes, or Seed Hawk, but without any hydraulics
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    Vaderstad buys seedhawk

    Checked on a Swedish Facebook group for farmers. Apparently there will be an sales interruption during 2017. Don't know why though.
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    BBC Fake News

    Problem is caused by criminal gangs like Hells Angels, Bandidos, Balkan mafia in the nineties and more recently other ethnicity shaped delinquent youth groups (gangs). And as an added bonus left wing and right wing extremist do their best to contribute to the violence...
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    BBC Fake News

    I live in Sweden, and believe me, that Christmas three is not a Swedish one, It's a well known fact, so someone i manipulating YOUR mind. It's true we have a problem in some suburbs in Sweden but it's not a new problem.
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    BBC Fake News

    Sorry but the clip at 1.08 is not even filmed in Sweden, rather Mall of Egypt in Kairo.