1. Davy 6160

    Building Better Bale Stackers

    I am in the process of designing a heavy duty hydraulic bale stacker/handler. What are some of the problems and/or weaknesses that anyone has found with other stackers?
  2. ciarano21

    Fusion 1

    Anyone have a manual for a fusion one or can help. Couple of issues, won’t pull in the net automatically wen bale full, and when it nets and lets out onto wrapper it’s doesn’t wrap in auto. Have to hold button and manually wrap bale. Any help or tips will b appreciated!
  3. P

    Round bales or silage pit?

    Whats the trend heading for in 2020?
  4. Ollie7530

    Alternative methods of joining bale twine together (Baler Twine Spools)

    I have been having issues with the reef knot catching on the knotter causing stoppages and downtime. I am just wondering what issues operators have had and any alternative methods of joining the spools of twine together, rather than using a traditional reef knot. Any help would be appreciated...
  5. Shane s

    Taarup 7640 bale wrapper

    I have just bought a Taarup 7640 at the weekend to upgrade my older t8 wrapper, does anybody know when these were made to as the man believed it was somewhere about 2008 or fresher as he bought it as a demo machine in and around 2010. Also in the settings it gives the option for slowing the...
  6. Shane s

    Which Bale Sledge?

    I have bought 2 bale sledges from 2 different dealers 1 is a cooks 4 + 8 windrower type sledge and the other one is a browns compacter B (standard 8 bale sledge). I bought the browns after the cooks as i liked the look of it and i thought it looked like it would work well. Has anybody got any...
  7. D

    250mm Green bale wrap for Haylage

    As per the title, bought new last year but ended up making hay out of the stuff we bought it for. Have since moved to round bales so no use for it now. 250mm for use with mini bale wrappers making conventional bales. 6 boxes, unopened and dry stored. £150 for the lot. Newthorpe, Nottingham.
  8. OTR

    Advice for a new land owner regarding pasture management

    Hi All, I've recently bought 11 acres of good pasture land in West Oxfordshire with the idea of starting a farming project that I can dedicate 2 days/week (the land is 1:15hr away, and I work 5 days/week in an office job). I'm hoping to move closer in the next 18 months so I can spend more time...
  9. Tierwohl

    building a strohmatic straw system

    Dear Inventors When having.. 1 bale shredder 3 filter units for de-dusting 1 security system (flame preventing) 1-2 straw blowers it possible to build a strohmatic-like system without the high costs? Kind regards ralf