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  1. Wynnstay

    Wynnstay Farm Focus (February - March 2021)

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    New Calf Shed

    We intend to build a new calf shed in the spring. Looking for ideas and photos of what people have done. Priorities are to minimise labour and try to reduce instances of pneumonia (which is possibly caused by over stocking of current calf housing) Calf hutches would be great for health but are...
  3. Wynnstay

    Contamination of Colostrum

    Colostrum management is the key aspect to any successful calf rearing system. We know the importance of feeding our calves colostrum quickly (within 2 hours of birth), quality (>50mg/l) and quantity (10% of birth weight) but do we know the detrimental effect of the contamination within colostrum...
  4. Wynnstay

    Buy local, Buy British, Support Sustainable Agriculture

    It is no secret to everyone in agriculture that public perception is putting increasing pressure on running a more sustainable enterprise. It is fair to say that we have a responsibility to not only be the most sustainably efficient farms possible, but also to publicise and educate the general...
  5. Wynnstay

    Digestion of Skim and Whey

    Choosing a calf milk replacer (CMR) can be a minefield with so many available. The CMR market is easily divisible into two groups; whey-based powders and skim-based powders providing the two main sources of dairy protein. Choosing the right powder for your system is not only vital to the...
  6. Baldrick

    Feeding groups of calves - made easy

  7. Wynnstay

    Milk Powder Prices

    Milk powder pricing, always topical and emotive on-farm (especially if you are part of the Wynnstay Calf & Youngstock Team!), however, it seems even more so at the minute. Milk prices are certainly not on the up and milk replacer prices are doing the opposite and increasing at a steady rate...
  8. T

    Volac Urban Calf Feeder

    Hi. I am very interested in investing in a volac urban u40 feeding machine. Have read good things about these machines so hopefully worth the purchase. Currently rearing 2x batches of 30 calfs every year. Has anyone here had any experience with these? The main concerns the running costs of the...
  9. Wynnstay

    Calf Meal Size - Is It Time to Re-Think Current Strategies?

    Current research has focused on feeding calves an elevated plane of nutrition during the pre-weaning period. Research has shown multiple benefits to this choice of calf management programme, including increased average daily gains, early onset of puberty, improved longevity and potential for...
  10. Wynnstay

    Making Youngstock Rearing Stack Up

    The cost of growing beef for finishing, the store cattle market or for rearing dairy replacement heifers, can put huge financial pressure on your business. Whatever system employed, realising a sustainable profit once all costs are considered can be challenging. With increasing fixed costs, an...
  11. Wynnstay

    Cost Implications of Imbalanced Finishing Rations

    With high numbers of dairy x beef calves entering the beef chain (and the current beef price not setting the world alight), it is important to consider potential finishing rations and their cost implications. When it comes to finishing beef rations, the true costs per kg LWG should be...
  12. Ellie@Rumenco

    MAXX Calf Health – Delivering Real Benefits

    MAXX Calf Health – Delivering Real Benefits Calf health plays a critical role in the success of youngstock rearing programmes yet DEFRA figures suggest that as many as one in seven dairy calves and one in thirteen beef calves die during the rearing phase. Ensuring calves and youngstock receive...
  13. C

    Auto calf feeders

    Seen a lely machine with 2 stations, thinking of installing one. Anybody have any experience of other makes/brands? Does lely have any draw backs or is it the best?