Feeding groups of calves - made easy


Looks good, what about the milk in the line, presumably that goes cold or does it drain back to the tank? (obviously not after the one way valve). Guessing the electrical supply is for the heating element and the calf's themselves provide the vacuum to suck the milk up or is there a pump? does the pump function with a flow meter or is it more of a diaphragm that keeps a constant pressure?
looks good. calves look great. We have been thinking along these lines, for this spring, the difference is, we are looking to make one ! Reckon an aquarium heater, in a suitable container, with the spiral tubes, as in teat dip sprayers,, probably won't work, but worth a try !


inline water heater would be better I think, and just have a float in the chamber to a relay to cut the power when its running empty. I would guess that the suction power from the calf would be enough. The only concern is what ever system apart from Blade which heats and mixes at the time that according to our local vets the milk powder should be mixed hot then cooled to the correct temperate to get the release of various fats etc held in suspension. Otherwise your flogging a dead horse to some extent. If its mixed cold does it work as well?


Hello Pug and some farmer, yes, the milk in the line will cool down when not used, same with any ad-lib feeder. However the calves/lambs do learn very quickly that after a couple of sucks they are into warm milk again, so that is not an issue at all. If the teats are in good condition the simple release of a squeezed teat provides enough low pressure in the line to draw milk through the Heatwave. Calves and lambs easily get the milk through and the non return valves stop it running back. No pumps or moving parts required! Aquarium heaters are not man enough to warm the quantities of milk required 30+ calves will easily consume 300L per day on ad-lib.
Most UK milk powders will mix well cold, and that saves time and money warming it up twice. Growth rates at over a Kg /day are achieved even when mixing cold and warmed through the Heatwave. Suck it and see, as they say! www.pyonproducts.com

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