1. 1

    Thinking of trying some romney ewes

    Thinking of trying some romney ewes,to see if they can replace the mule.Whats peoples thought on the Roms?Heard that they keep their condition well, scan well without to many triplets.Easy lambing etc.cheers
  2. M

    Australian lamb

    Today I had a chance conversation with an Australian farmer who is holidaying in our area. He was telling me they are supplying 26kg deadweight lambs on contract price £5 a kilo destination the UK and possibly Europe. What the hell is going wrong in this country when our deadweight price is...
  3. choochter

    Finishing Cattle 2 - Finish slow or fast

    These are 13/14 months, at grass, no other feed meantime. Bazadaise sired. Got some nice clover rich haylage. Can I finish them slowly and cheaply on that? Or sell store?
  4. Owain2014

    Cattle trouble

    Hi all, Looking for some help and advise. Over the last few years when the young cattle around (12/13m) are in the shed around they seem to come out with ringworm. This year we tried holly as soon people say that helps, the cattle were all clear for a good few months but then they looked worse...
  5. Chasingmytail

    Anyone finish Organic Angus for retailers?

    Looking at options and wonder how being on contract works? Is there a minimum order, do they specify when they need stock and do you have to take them to the abbattoir. Only got 6 steers - Organic grass fed Angus be ready around September. Waste of time taking to market. Looking for...
  6. Moggytom

    Bull beef.

    Can Anyone advise the best way to sell 14/15 month old bulls