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    Lady Dufferin, Marchioness of Clandeboye Estate, passes away at 79

    Written by Agriland Team Tributes had been paid to the Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava, Lady Dufferin of Clandeboye Estate, who has died aged 79. Lindy Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, widely known as Lady Dufferin, was a familiar face among art, farming and conservation circles for her...
  2. gone up the hill

    Swaledale Ewes @ What Breed of Ram?

    As above what breed of ram would be best put with Full Mouth Swaledale ewes that will produce a decent 44/46 liveweight R grade lamb?? Ideally an easy lambing breed with get up and go as well. Also what lambing % would be average for the above on a lowland farm? Or is the above a total non...
  3. M

    Prices for machinery from diffrent dealers with out of area dealers refusing to quote

    We are looking at replacing a tractor we have looked at lots of brands and want prices on two different brands sold buy the same dealer. When we have asked for prices they have just priced one machine and said its far better value than the other and havent quoted. Iv now asked for prices from...
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    Farmers urged to give views on NI’s Rural Needs Act

    Written by Rachel Martin Farmers and agricultural groups in Northern Ireland have been urged to have their say on the Rural Needs Act consultation. The consultation exercise, which is led by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), aims to inform a review of the...
  5. L

    Milking cows for two years without calving

    Im strictly spring calving but this year i have 20 high yielding pure jersey cows and xs not in calf giving 15 to 20 litres .some are first calvers some 6th.Will they milk for two years i usually just cull but am abit short of replacement this year and keeping them would be a cheap alternative.
  6. Greg101

    How well does banding horns really work?

    My cousin bought a really good (humane) bander that is supposed to work on horns we got him to try it on one of our heifers that we tried dehorning but kinda failed (one grew back) so i was wondering if any of you guys had any experience with this method. it seems really humane vs other ways to...
  7. Sir loin

    Saler x Holstein /Friesian possible suckler cow?

    Anyone use this as a suckler cow my thinking is wide pelvis area from the saler milk from the holstien/Friesian .
  8. Dalos

    Situation Vacant Herdsman, Shrewsbury

    Assistant Herdsman opportunity Shrewsbury, Shropshire An exciting opportunity has arisen for a dairy person to work on a modern Robotic farm milking 300 holstein cows through 6 lely robots on a housed system Good salary and accommodation are available Essentials Good stockmanship Good...
  9. N

    How much is this worth?

    Massey 375 2wd L reg 2930hrs 40kmh box 16.9 x 30 original good year tyres Recent new front tyres 2 owners from new Low profile cab with sunroof 2 spools how do people value this? Tia
  10. @

    Feeding cows for sale

    Made a start on maize this afternoon and tonight though now rained off. Will wean tomorrow. Got 150 cows to sell as feeders, handful pure lims, 25 pure blondes, probably 85 homebred blues and blondes from genuine 100 % british friesan. Other 40 odd will be bought blue holstein, or lim sim x...
  11. Bossfarmer

    Buy Land!!! NOW IS THE TIME?

    With a lot of farmers in the country falling out with landlords over high rents/ future ELMs scheme threatening to take their land, owner occupiers looking to expand and interest levels at record levels, huge inflation forecast in the coming decade is this the perfect storm and infact the ideal...
  12. zsnotdead

    Twins and fertility

    I've a cow had twins . A bull and a heifer. The heifer is red and white. The bull b and w. Is the heifer fertile. What are the odds of 2 heifers as twins. I have it at 1 in 4 as you can have HH HB BH BB. Or is it 1 in 3 HH BH BB
  13. Lazy Sod

    Value of Standing Grass

    I know someone who is not a farmer but has 15 acres of grassland. For many years a local small dairy farmer has come in and had 2 or 3 cuts per year from it. He mows, bales (5' rounds), wraps and takes it away. The owner does allow the farmer, who hasn't much storage, to spread his fresh...
  14. tepapa

    Wild cattle coral

    I have a coral to build for wild cattle. Think limo but worse. From your livestock experience what height would be the minimum requirement and spacing between rails. To be built out of timber.
  15. organicguy

    Sexed semen Cogent v Genus

    Has anyone used Cogent sexed or 4M at the same time as Genus sexcel and can make a fair comparison on conception rates? About to order semen and would like info to negotiate with and get numbers right. Thanks OG
  16. C

    250cc quads

    Can’t get hold of these anymore due to some emissions regs. Next Honda up is a 420cc 4wd which is less agile, more thirsty and I think more prone to staff getting big/unsafe speeds. We normally replace one of ours every year and now scratching our heads. Mule type things are more money but...
  17. J

    Excessive salivation and hyper alertness

    Cow also miscarried, can’t get within 30m of her anymore, can’t get her in because she gets too stressed, anyone had similar/know what’s going on?