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    Harper graduates win scholarships

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Two Harper Adams University graduates have been selected among this year’s Helmut Claas Scholarship awards winners. BSc (Hons) Agri-business graduate Emily Jones and BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering graduate Philip Pinn were each awarded a bonus prize...
  2. ADHDan

    Calf born with no eyes,

    had a calf born this morning with no eyes , seems a decent little calf, was up and suckling but no eyes inside the sockets . I haven’t had any positive BVD results “yet” so id like to assume that’s not it, I’m going to get the vet to come and test just to make sure; the cow was a Holstein and I...
  3. S

    Situation Vacant Experienced calf rearer in Kent

    Looking for an experienced calf rearer In charge of all youngstock from birth to 12 weeks 250 calves a year: holstein heifers, belgian blues and angus calves Holm & Laue automatic calf feeders Combination of calf igloos and 5 calf hutches Coloquick for colostrum pasturisation Dehorning, ear...
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    Internationally Acclaimed Dairy Genetics To Go Under The Hammer

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Harrison & Hetherington is gearing up for its globally recognised Black & White sale which will be held on Saturday 4th December at Borderway Mart, Carlisle. The sale will see over 100 consignments from across the UK and Ireland go under the hammer from...
  5. Holsteinfriesian90

    Fleck Vs Monty.

    Just interested what are the main difference between the fleck and the monty? What cow would give higher solids? Anyone got both and what is the best? Thanks.
  6. M

    Finding an Easy calving beef bull!

    Advice needed on how people choose a beef bull to use on heifers. I'm at my wit's end. We have a limi bull that we purchased when we first started of farming on our own. We purchased him at about 14 months old and used him on heifers and cows in his younger age and now cows as he weighs over a...
  7. C

    What would it take.

    What would it take for you to give up farming ? Serious question this one. With the way we farmers are being treated and in some quarters vilified what would it take for you to give it up. ?
  8. U

    Suckler cow milk

    A few posts on here have got me thinking particularly one from @som farmer has any tested suckler cow milk for protein and fats because the more good stuff it has it in the faster than calf we grow I know that growth weights will show some of the better cows because of those weights but they...
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    ABP research farm shows that improving genetics reduces carbon emissions

    Written by Contributor from Agriland By Olivia Cooper Improving genetics is the key to reducing farmers’ carbon footprints and maximising efficiencies, a beef research farm in Shropshire has demonstrated. The livestock industry is under intense pressure to reduce its emissions, and research...
  10. W

    Is there a living in suckler cows

    Sitting here wondering if there would be a living to be made with suckler cows, on rented ground and rented sheds, with bought in fodder With calves sold store.
  11. C

    Getting bulling heifers to weight

    Hi TFF, Aiming to hit first calving about 24 months. Wondering what supplements, if any, people feed, to get growth rates. Here they graze in summer set stocked permanent pasture, housed in winter and fed maize/round bale silage. Plus 2kg 16% cake per day from 3 months til in calf. Keen...
  12. I thats it

    replacement needs going forward

    What are peoples thoughts on heifer replacement availability going forward? we've used a lot of dairy semen including sexed, and with good cull prices we've improved the herd quite dramatically this last couple of years. Wondering if we should start using a lot more beef semen with beef calf...
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    Dairy Focus: Mohoncross Holstein starting with 9 calves

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland In this week’s Dairy Focus, Agriland made the trip to the rowing stronghold of Skibbereen, west Cork, to Jerry Hegarty of the Mohoncross Holstein herd. Jerry, alongside his wife and three children, Alice, Emily and Dermot, is currently milking 100...
  14. B

    Situation Vacant General Dairy Farm Worker

    We are looking for a reliable, hardworking and dedicated individual to join our family run farm in the Cullompton area (Devon). At present we have approximately 160 Holstein Friesian cows (plus youngstock) which are milked twice daily through a modern 20-20 milking parlour. The opening is for...
  15. J

    Identifying jerseys in the parlour

    Just setting up a new herd of jerseys. Have heard freeze branding doesn't work for them, what other ways have people come up with for identifying them in the parlour just would like something easier than climbing up on top every time to check a cow. Cheers Joel
  16. N

    To cross of go pure?

    Hi everyone. We are new into dairy 18months to be precise farming in Africa. We started with a crossed herd bought from a commercial farm near us (Holstein x Ayrshire). They only cross their lower end of the herd. They have been pretty good we wanted to go the Ayrshire way but not much straws...
  17. D

    Current market for autumn bulling heifers

    Hi folks, just wondering what the market is currently like for autumn bulling heifers. Been told its pretty flat so considering selling my BFx bullers in the store market. Also been told there is a massive glut of in calf spring calving for sale, although I can’t imagine these would affect...
  18. Greythundercloudys

    Tomohawk steak

    630£ bys you a tomohawk steak in fancy London restaurant, they must be massive and tastes amazing.
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    New herd names come to the fore at Balmoral Show

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The Beef and Dairy Championships, held at this year’s Balmoral Show, saw a number of new herd names and faces coming to the fore. Dexter beef is a fast growing delicacy in restaurants throughout the UK with Irish breeders to the fore in supplying the...
  20. M

    Big variation in conception rates to AI bulls

    Hi, I’m new to AI’ing and I’ve been using different Holstein sires from various AI companies over the past year and a half and I’m seeing big variations in conception rates to different bulls and was wondering is this common? For example I’ve used 30 conventional straws from one bull with over...