1. Rob Graham

    Machinery Fire Extinguishing

    I've no affiliation to this company whatsoever, I came across this from a Motorsport supplier on Facebook but thought it would be bloody handy for baler/combine/forager operators and more if used when appropriate
  2. Bald Rick

    Farming and the ageing process

    Comments in the H&S thread got me thinking as I’m now within a few months of turning 60. I suppose I am increasingly a bit of a liability. I won’t drive tractors unless forced to but any machine has to be hitched on for me; Mechanical jobs take me longer as I like to get everything just so -...
  3. Bob lincs

    Dash cams in tractors

    Not sure if this has been talked about before but is anyone using dash cams in their tractors and machines?
  4. Clive

    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    This industry has a tragic safety record, what can we all do that may improve this ? lets use this thread for suggestions ? some maybe unpopular with others (I know mine will be !) but surely we can’t continue watching so many loose their life’s trying to produce a bit of food my top 3...
  5. B

    Grandfather rights

    Do grandfather rights still exist for forklift driving? Got a friend who’s taken early retirement looking for some summer work and he’s keen to help around the yard with the drier etc. He’s 65 years old and an ex plant mechanic and 360 operator so capable etc.
  6. Chae1

    Another tragic farm accident.

    Be careful out there guys.:(:cry: It's not that important. BBC News - Woman dies in Aberdeenshire farm incident
  7. D

    Just remember when your paper's Tory,

    there are two sides to every story.
  8. J


    Last years workboots are nackered so time for a new pair, but what has been my choice for the last few years are now discontinued (DeWalt maxi 2) Have tried loads of £20-£60 pairs over the years which just fall apart after a few months, including dickies, amblers and Hoggs, whereas the dewalts...
  9. T

    Husband and wife employed on farm what to do with kids.

    Just wondering if anyone else is in our situation and what they came up with if anything... We have been working full time on the same farm for a long long time sheep beef and arable doing all/most jobs ourselves. Bringing the kids with us when ever needed.. Now obviously covid has messed up a...
  10. icanshootwell

    Fertilizer a little lumpy!!

    20 to 30 years ago we never had this problem, every year now I seem to get several ton that lumps together in the bag, and I do drop the bags on their side to break the lumps which does help but some are to bad and this happens.
  11. farmer james

    Removing paths added on ramblers ‘don’t lose your way’ maps

    As the title says I have just seen that we have some paths shown on the ramblers ‘don’t lose your way’ maps. How would I get these removed or contest that they are not actually paths, I think I did see a thread on this previously but cannot find it. Thanks for any advice FJ
  12. Still Farming

    Mass Trespass?

    What's all this circulating???
  13. Bald Rick

    6pm Male Curfew.

    Loony? Deranged? Or a sharp stick to remind us that men are mostly responsible for domestic and other abuses against women? Certainly opened a debate but I do find it interesting that suddenly there are only two genders ...
  14. JJT

    Management Liability insurance

    At our last insurance renewal the insurance co. was trying to sell us management liability insurance. This is an overview that they e mailed us: The current insurance policies protect the partnership if anyone makes a claim. However, people can also make a claim against you personally for your...
  15. Danllan

    Screening benefit claimants

    Nobody will argue that, UBI aside, if there are to be 'benefits' they shouldn't be a free for all. Whether to stop social freeloaders or ensure more for the genuinely unfortunate, there needs to be an evaluation of who is entitled to and eligible for what. So... after local government...
  16. GOV.UK RSS

    Foie Gras

    Foie Gras Written by Defra Press Office There have been reports in the Times, Daily Mail and I news in recent days regarding the potential for future restriction of foie gras sales in the UK to protect animal welfare. The production of foie gras was banned in the UK under the Animal Welfare...
  17. I

    metal detecting corby kettering area

    I am trying to find land to detect on around the corby kettering area, it is becoming harder to to pursue this hobby as many clubs now offer money for land and have organised digs with up to fifty people making it harder for individuals to find land to detect on. With that in mind if anyone has...
  18. M

    Post Knocker Hire

    Thinking of Buying a protech 200s or Wrag equivelent for my own use and also thinking of Hiring it out??? Whats peoples thoughts on the hire aspect. What sort of Daily rate could be charged or weekly rate?? It would be located Between Wrexham and Mold North wales. Would it be worth while??
  19. W

    Jcb 531 70 agri spec value

    I have a 2012 jcb 531 70 year 2012 with 5000 hours on. Good clean machine with pick up hitch and 60% tyres. how would you value it? only thing wrong is the mud guards are a bit shabby, mainly an arable farm but with 100 sheep, so odd bit of silage and hay feeding.