1. Clive

    First aid kit

    Need some new kits for machinery cabs and also bigger wall mounted boxes, have also seen wall mounted eye wash stations that look a useful thing to have about anyone recommend a good online supplier of such things please ?
  2. Danllan

    What is a woman?

    Just posted this link in another thread but, on consideration, I think it deserves a thread of its own. Matt Walsh is a journalist and presenter on The Wire in the US; although I agree with him on some things, he has an evangelical Christian agenda which I dislike. However, he has made a very...
  3. Pan mixer

    What has this sheep got?

    I will ask the vet but I thought someone here might know more quickly.
  4. Agriland RSS

    Company fined £26,000 after contractor injured in a fall from height

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland A manufacturing company has been fined after a contractor sustained injuries whilst working on the top of a machine. Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard that, on July 30, 2020, a contractor for Manufax Engineering Limited was working on top of the...
  5. Needtolearnalot

    Derelict field restoration

    We have about 4 acres which we started the process of restoring last autumn .... things have not gone as planned - Help! The history .... about 3-4 years ago someone else managed the land and reared pheasants on it. The huts were removed and the ground left. The area covered by the huts and...
  6. D

    Oaf in humans

    I hope not, but think I may have Oaf. I got kicked in the mouth, holding a ewes leg on Sunday morning for the shearer. It bled quite a lot & no time for any cleaning up. We did have oaf quite bad last year, but used oaf buckets & lots of salt this year & only one ewe seems to have any scabs...
  7. R

    Looking For Work Wanting too get into farming

    Hi I am 24 from heartfordshire looking too get into farming as I cannot return to my last job due too an injury hard worker don’t mind long hours don’t drive but i have been told that isn’t an issue I am ready too put in as many hours as it takes to learn and help out as much as I can text me at...
  8. bobk

    Operation GET BORIS ....

    Hell hath no fury like a remainer scorned ..... ha ha ha
  9. Agriland RSS

    Opinion: Edwin Poots must intervene in DAERA debacle

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Northern Ireland’s agriculture minister Edwin Poots has said that he cannot intervene in the debacle regarding the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs’ (DAERA’s) handling of an employment tribunal, relating to its former...
  10. Danllan

    Nimco Ali's ideas...

    Ms Ali seems to have good intentions, but also appears to be a bit of a nutter, see below, what do you think?
  11. jerseycowsman

    Sole ulcers?

    Am I right in thinking sole ulcers are caused by injury to the foot? DD and foul are infectious and white line is grit. As most of you are aware we have recently moved and the winter accommodation is far superior to what we used to have, cubicles with mattresses and slats that are mostly covered...
  12. D

    Stealing food to solve the food crisis.

    On radio 4 this morning (I admit I was a bit sleepy) A government Minister said that with the food crisis, Police should not get involved if people were stealing food. I would think the exact opposite, should come down really hard on people looting veg/potatoes from fields. Equally those...
  13. A

    Free Pest Control

    Free Pest Control. Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this note. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Allan Buchan, I have been a Brightlingsea, Essex resident for 36 years, I am now retired and looking to pursue my hobby. I am writing to you concerning...
  14. CPM RSS

    Pushing performance – A crusade for control

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Download PDF Controlling evolving, aggressive blight populations in a wetter, warmer region has long been a challenge for potato growers in Pembrokeshire. CPM finds out how agronomists and farmers are tackling the challenge head-on by using...
  15. D

    PTO Guard Maintenance Rant

    We are told that PTO guards are safety critical equipment. I agree with that. Why then can’t manufacturers affix a label that will last more than 8 years indicating part number? The plastic bearing has worn out. There is no part number on it. I’ve no idea where to obtain a replacement in a...
  16. 7610 super q

    Ever met a pleasant dog walker ?
  17. R

    PTO Guard replacements

    Are there any PTO guards available that are better and last longer than the conventional type? Just had a power harrow walterscheid guard start to self destruct and im thinking there must be a better way. cheers
  18. M

    Scanning scam

    Recently got my scanning bill from new man,He charged me £1 for the first 50 and 60p for the remaining251.Some of my friends had a good laugh and swore to engage a scanner from outside Dumfriesshire! In future! so would you say he was trying it on?
  19. Agriland RSS

    Rory Best urges public to respect outdoor spaces used for agriculture

    Written by Stella Meehan from Agriland As a well-known farmer and former international rugby player, Rory Best, is adding his voice to the 2022 ‘Right Side of Outside’ campaign, urging the public to respect the outdoor spaces used for agricultural purposes and the animals that call it their...
  20. B

    Huntaway Collie Cross Training Issues

    Firstly, this is my first post so I apologise if I have posted in the wrong place. I joined the forum to see if anyone can advise me on my huntaway border collie mix boy 8 months. I don't have a farm, I bought the dog as a pet and now feel this may have been a mistake, though I bought him from a...