1. Cap

    Future agri-food export promotion policy

    Future agri-food export promotion policy Written by Alan Matthews DG AGRI organised a two-day conference on its forthcoming agri-food promotion policy review on 12-13 July 2021. The conference was part of a comprehensive consultation process, which also included an open public consultation...
  2. G

    Chickens died of thirst and dead birds left to rot at suppliers to Tesco, Sainsbury, Lidl and KFC
  3. N

    Sheep tag help

    Hi all just brought 10 ewe lambs that where tagged with a single eid tag as they where intended to be sent for slaughter, the single tag on all the lambs only has the flock number on how can I tell what there individual Id numbers are? Also I want you them for breeding ewes so how do I go about...
  4. M

    Arla short delivering

    I heard Ash excusing Arla for short delivering customers milk due to driver shortages. Prehaps owners should be running an ‘Audit’ to see whether the Company is fit for purpose sorry ‘compliant’.
  5. D

    Small water to air in line heater

    Looking to heat 2 spaces, not overly large, next to each other. i have biomass heat as required. i was looking at volcano type blow heaters but it’s a bit big at 550 mm2, I don’t need 3-20kw rating, maybe only 5-10. i am now wondering if i can mount a fan combo in the plant room and duct the...
  6. Precision AG RSS

    New Holland Adds T7 Heavy Duty with PLM Intelligence to Series of Agricultural Tractors

    Written by Matt Hopkins from Precision Ag The T7 Heavy Duty series tractors join New Holland’s T8 and T9 series tractor lineup of tractors with Precision Land Management Intelligence built in. The post New Holland Adds T7 Heavy Duty with PLM Intelligence to Series of Agricultural Tractors...
  7. D

    Anyone growing OSR has no choice but to pay red tractor

    Sorry I made a cock up with my screen shots there and couldn’t get it to work a 2nd time. the upshot of it though is without paying rt there is no price for OSR!
  8. C

    Applying for a Council farm

    Hi all , I'm looking for some advice please :) I have my eye on a small holding near me ( Council farm) and it is soon going to be advertised for new tenancy, Now i lived and worked on our family council farm for 16+years and i am now wanting my own , i have previously applied etc for other...
  9. R

    Which breed or breed combination produces the best fat lambs

    looking to buy some more ewes and thinking to go with pure Charolais as I sold some char x tex fat lambs for a good price, wondering what other people thought produced the best fat lambs
  10. Agriland RSS

    185 to be eligible for NI’s £1.6 million Pig Producer support

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland 185 Northern Ireland farmers are expected to be eligible for a new £1.6 million Covid-19 pig producer support scheme for those affected by market crashes during the pandemic. Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots announced that applications to the scheme can...
  11. AHDB Podcast RSS

    291: Agri Market Outlook for Livestock | 30.07.21

    291: Agri Market Outlook for Livestock | 30.07.21 Written by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board This podcast introduces AHDB’s analysis of the prospects for the UK’s livestock farming industry over the coming months. Covering red meat (pork, beef and lamb) and dairy, it explores...
  12. Agriland RSS

    AGCO reports sales increase of 43.5% compared to 2020 figures

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland The tractor manufacturer AGCO, which consists of brands such as Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson and Valtra, reported its results for the second quarter ending June 30, 2021. Net sales for the second quarter were approximately $2.9 billion, an...
  13. Sa86

    John Deere 6210r reliability

    In the market for a new tractor what's everyone's experience with the john Deere 6210r vario have they been reliable other alternative I've been looking at is the new Holland t7.270 which is going to be the best long term buy both I'm looking at have around 7000 hours on
  14. 7

    CLAAS 203 MEGA

    When was the last mega 203 built for the uk market,we have a 1996 203 mega with vista cab which i believe was one of the last ones.Still going strong.
  15. H

    Long Term wool storage

    Thinking of buying a wool press to press our wool for long term storage (Like 10yrs) Think the wool would be alright after all that time without being treted for something?
  16. Greythundercloudys

    Climate change is here.

    Maybe it is, up here it either rains every day for weeks, then it dry for weeks, nothing in between. And you get more frost in march than Dec or January, also nearly every May for the last 5 years has been done dry, this may was wetter but been very dry june+July.
  17. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Will barley’s large discount to wheat continue for the 2021/22 marketing year?

    2020 a year for discounted barley The 2020/21 marketing year was one like no other. The UK produced the smallest wheat crop (9.7Mt) since 1981, at the same time barley production, at 8.1Mt, was the largest since 1997. As a result, barley delivered into East Anglia over the 2020/21 marketing...
  18. Agriland RSS

    NI’s £1.2 million Covid-19 wool support scheme opens

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland A £1.2 million Covid-19 support scheme has opened for applications from sheep farmers affected by the global slump in wool prices. A payment of £1.40/ewe will be made to eligible sheep farmers, Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots has announced. The...
  19. D

    Farm assured cattle is there any point?

    We currently fatten all our cattle, the majority of which go through our local market. Is there any point in continuing with red tractor? market operators say there’s no difference in price. As the cattle sell on there own merits. views please
  20. W

    New Red Tractor rules for 1st Nov

    Dear Red Tractor Member, We are pleased to outline what is changing in our revised farm standards, which come in effect from 1 November 2021. Please find a summary of key changes in your sector below. You will shortly receive a technical briefing in the post...