1. P

    Returning a pickup

    Ordered a new pickup dec 2020, arrived 30th June, electrical problem and air bag fault on way home from dealership. They came to collect the pickup after 3 or 4 calls, they wanted me to book the car in rather than come to collect it. They left me with a car not a pick-up and kept mine for 3 or 4...
  2. Steevo

    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour?

    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour? Agricultural wages are rising sharply, but farmers struggle to find staff. How hard can the work be? ByHelen Chandler-Wilde17 October 2021 • 5:00am News Headlines News stories personally picked just for you Sign up Last year, with the pandemic...
  3. R

    Hedge Trimmer Recomendations

    I'm in the market. I've used Stihl in the past and while they are OK I feel there's better out there. Actually leaning toward Earthwise. Any thoughts or experiences are appreciated.
  4. A

    Soil Erosion Highschool Project

    The Panhandle Texas, farmers have reported an increase of soil erosion by 17%. This problem can cause dry soil, making it difficult to collect water and becoming more prone to water erosion. Me and my partner are working on our senior engineering project, and we need your help filling out this...
  5. Farmdeals

    This weeks Industrial Heating Offer 18/10/21

    EXCLUSIVE: FAME-free, BS2689 class D Industrial Heating Oil, specially manufactured for us and brought to you direct from the manufacturer to the following postcodes: PH, PA, FK, KY, G, KA, ML, EH, DG, TD LL, SY, DY, WV, WS, TF, ST, DE, S, SK, CW, CH, WA, M, HD, HX, WN, BL, OL, FY, PR, BB, BD...
  6. Precision AG RSS

    Carbon Credits: Patience Will Pay for Farmers

    Written by Matt Hopkins from Precision Ag While the carbon credit market is young, it’s important for farmers to keep their data in a standardized, independent repository. The post Carbon Credits: Patience Will Pay for Farmers appeared first on PrecisionAg. Continue reading on the Precision...
  7. Farmer Fin

    MF auto steer ready

    Afternoon. We now have 2 MF tractors which are auto steer ready. 1 4 years old and another 10 years old. They both have plates and plugs on the roof. Is is just the case of attaching an antenna to the roof plug and it should come up on the datatronic screen? Are there systems that are...
  8. Bossfarmer

    how much are you REDUCING N rates????

    With the current explosion in fert prices how much N is everyone putting on their Spring barley and wheat and how much do they plan to reduce it to this year? Spring barley 2020 139kg N/ha 2021 112kg N/ha wheat 2020 215kg N/ha 2021 175kg N/ha
  9. Farm Business RSS

    Senior management changes at CNH

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Case IH has announced that Scott Harris, current vice president of North America, will lead the brand as Case IH global president. Mr Harris replaces Brad Crews, who will serve as president of North America for CNH Industrial. Also Mirco Romagnoli will...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Farming sectors performing well in Northern Ireland

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Danske Bank’s head of agri-business, Rodney Brown, is confirming that most of Northern Ireland’s farming sectors are performing well at the present time. In addition, the excellent weather conditions are helping to extend the 2021 grazing season in a...
  11. N

    Can increasing soil carbon also increase soil CO2 back into atmosphere?

    Finally decided to sit down and try and get my head around 'banking soil carbon' and the whole soil C sequestration thing. We are trying to increase soil organic matter (OM) levels for all the positive benefits that go with that - better soil structure, better drainage, better nutrient cycling...
  12. unlacedgecko

    Once Bred Ewe Lambs

    Same principle as once bred heifers. Lamb in March, wean at 8 weeks end of May, kill end of June. Is this a thing? Anyone doing it?
  13. D

    Telehandler Size

    I’m not a fan of large machinery but the time has come to replace the manitou MLT626. With more wagons to load since the livestock went should we be moving up to 3.5 ton lift capacity? We load maybe 1000 tons a year. Not much compared to some but lorries like to be away quickly. I really liked...
  14. Direct Driller Magazine

    Traditional Arable Business Model in Question?

    Traditional Arable Business Model in Question? Written by Gary Markham, Land Family Business 147% of the profit of the average arable farm is BPS Farming is embarking on a period of change that most of the current generation of farmers have not experienced. Moving from the comfort of area...
  15. topground

    SFI Pilot Agreement contract.

    Set out below is the text of the agreement DEFRA expect me to sign to be part of the Sustainable Farming Incentive Pilot (SFI Pilot) Agreement with my details omitted. The poll is for fun (perhaps) DEFRA expect me to sign this without knowing what the payment rates will be over a three year...
  16. H

    The uk

    Feels very angry at the moment I don't think I know a time when been such anger and frustration, Why are people getting so angry ?
  17. Direct Driller Magazine

    Opportunities in the forward-thinking world of regenerative farming

    Opportunities in the forward-thinking world of regenerative farming. Written by Thomas Gent from @Gentle Farming The Gentle Farming system will produce the first carbon offset certificates in the Autumn. The buyers can see a portfolio of local farms or those that reflect their needs. Gentle...
  18. Greythundercloudys

    Stirling bull sale.

    It's on the Web cam,
  19. Bald Rick

    What are YOU doing to mitigate against Climate Change?

    It’s an interesting thought whether you believe in it or not. I have to confess I have done nothing. In fact, probably worse as we plough a lot albeit we are intending to look at strip till for maize To be honest, it will only be cost saving measures we adopt to the benefit of the business...
  20. K

    100+ Acre South West Farm WANTED

    100 Arce plus farm wanted for a family farming venture. Cornwall, South east/west Devon, Somerset. Condition of House not important neither buildings just land and yard. Cash available, if you know of anyone retiring or looking to sell please get in touch or spread the word even if its just for...