1. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Top tips on reducing sow stress at farrowing

    When it comes to sow comfort, it is often clear if external factors, such as heat are causing sow stress. However, stress associated with internal factors, such as reduced gut health are much harder to recognise and are often missed. Hannah Elliott, monogastric technical manager at Lallemand...
  2. F

    Tiverton and Honiton by-election

    Predictions? 2019 Con 35893 60.2% Lab 11653 19.5% Lib 8807 14.8% Turnout is usually really high 70% ish Lib dems have got a hell of a mountain to climb from third place but itd be great to give boris a thrashing!!
  3. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    New dietary disciplines that could help control Post Weaning Diarrhoea (PWD)

    The removal of Zinc Oxide as a treatment to control post-weaning diarrhoea (PWD), is encouraging producers, vets and nutritionists to look more closely at how dietary ingredients, can influence enteric health and piglet performance. Addressing a recent webinar, to discuss nutritional options...
  4. S

    Baby piglets like baby elephants? Is this a hoax by schauer?

    Sounds like an advertising hoax with that extrem huge piglets. Do you think that it could be real?
  5. D

    Piglet heat lamp

    Got a sow about to farrow. Chap we got her from said we need to set up a heat lamp for the piglets to sleep under. No mains supply. Colleague has cleverly come up with a dog heat mat that plugs into fag lighter and plans to splice the wires to go on a battery. Will this give them the heat that...
  6. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    How to prevent post-weaning diarrhoea in piglets

    With access to zinc oxide products set to decline, pig farmers must start scoping out new ways to manage post-weaning diarrhoea (PWD) to avoid poor pig performance and a potential uptake in antibiotic use. Hannah Elliott, Lallemand monogastric technical manager, explains that controlling PWD...
  7. borderterribles

    Pigs or Dogs?

    I followed a bus through town the other day and on the back was a VIVA advert. The ad showed a picture of a Spaniel puppy and a piglet. The strapline read "Which is your favourite animal", then in much feinter print " to eat?" Now ,obviously I think that the answer in the UK is pretty obvious...
  8. Pan mixer

    Good News in the pig trade

    I thought if I started this thread someone would think of something..........
  9. Rowland

    Vegan TV Ad

    Tv was on this morning and an ad for becoming Vegan came on . Beware it may boil your p!ss https://viva.org.uk/tv-ad/ Earlier there was an article on BBC news about the mental well fair in Agriculture listing the cause of it from isolation ,money worries, red tape, and others . What wasn’t...
  10. Clive

    The Puppet Master - Netflix - Harper Adams

    https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/81097362 Netflix Docu -series I watched last night. - didn't realise until I was into it a bit that it all started at Harper Adams around the time when I joined as a student there - I knew of the story around (friends of friends ) Sarah Smith who went...
  11. Sir loin

    Any tips to help when mixing cows?

    I am currently calving my heifers (batch of 10) and remove one when calved only to replace her a couple of days later and bloody hell fireworks you would think they had never clapped eyes on them before. Any tips on how you replace or mix your cows/heifers?
  12. M

    Preparing for war

    Anyone making preparations in the event of war in Ukraine or are you more concerned with things like G. Maxwell trial and pardoning witches (Scotland) and No. 10 partying and wallpaper or are you just sleepwalking into oblivion????
  13. Agriland RSS

    Changes to zinc use in pig feed discussed at seminars

    Written by Breifne O'Brien from Agriland “There will be challenges but also great opportunities in the coming months for Irish pig farmers, given the upcoming changes in EU legislation surrounding zinc oxide (ZnO) use in pig feed, but farmers need to act now.” These were the closing remarks...
  14. Defra Farming

    Meet the team: Policy Adviser Emma and her background in agriculture

    Meet the team: Policy Adviser Emma and her background in agriculture Written by Emma Bailey-Beech In this post, I'd like to share how my background in agriculture led me to work in the Future Farming and Countryside Programme. My grandparents were farmers in Staffordshire, but sadly the...
  15. topground

    DEFRA Future Farming blog

    An interesting insight into how DEFRA policy decisions might be being informed. https://defrafarming.blog.gov.uk/2021/11/04/farm-visit-challacombe-farm-on-dartmoor/ In case there is a problem with the link this is the description of the farm enterprise. Farm Facts Farm: Challacombe Farm...
  16. Defra Farming

    Farm visit: Challacombe Farm on Dartmoor

    Farm visit: Challacombe Farm on Dartmoor Written by Sarah Blatchford Earlier this year, my colleague Michael Sturla explained the value of farm visits to us in Defra and how we adapted them during the pandemic by making them virtual. With restrictions easing and a plan in place to keep...
  17. B'o'B

    Buy a big pig.

    I, and I would guess many others on here, would be able to sort out an oversized pig or 2. These are strange times, is it time to try and come together and set up something that saves needless waste and gives some money to pig produces? I know it would likely be only a tiny fraction of the pork...
  18. Farm Business RSS

    Anpario maintains sales and profit levels in first half of year

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Anpario plc the independent manufacturer of natural sustainable animal feed additives for animal health, nutrition and biosecurity has announced its results for the six months to 30 June 2021. Sales revenue at actual exchange rates was down just 1...
  19. roscoe erf

    Farmer arrested after attack

  20. Farm Business RSS

    Red Tractor announces new standards across its schemes

    Written by Alistair Driver from Farm Business Red Tractor has outlined new standards across its six schemes, following widespread consultation with industry. Version 5 of the farm standards will come into effect from November 1, with the complete standards for each sector being made available...