1. Man_in_black

    Ewes blowing guts out

    How do Due to start next week. Tex X lleyn in lamb to tex. Brought them in ny eve. Week later one had prolapse but another one had (my gaffers words, I wasn't there) just shot everything out its fanny. He insists it not a prolapse and everything had come out in bloody mess, obviously dead. Two...
  2. Agriland RSS

    PDA updates fertiliser recommendations for oilseed rape

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The Potash Development Association (PDA) has acted to update its fertiliser recommendations for oilseed rape crops. A new advisory leaflet, published at the very end of 2021, relates the latest potassium (K), phosphate and sulphur requirements for...
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    Don’t forget – peas and beans are legumes

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland It’s sometimes easy for any farmer to overlook very basic facts, one being that peas and beans are legumes. The relevance of this last statement is brought into sharp focus given the prospect of many Irish tillage farmers looking towards the...
  4. Chris F

    Foresight Obesity System Map

    This was brought up at the OFC - it was part of a report used to find out why obesity exists in a population. I had no idea just how complex is was. A full scale version is here...
  5. P

    Grass growing?

    17 degrees here today. Went to check sheep and heads down grazing and hadn't touched hay put out yesterday. Too soon to get complacent though.
  6. Banana Bar

    Fish hydrolasate

    Has anyone used this, any comments? BB
  7. Direct Driller Magazine

    Durham farm trials put solid science into biological farming

    Durham farm trials put solid science into biological farming Spring barley profits from improved soil biology and structure Detailed trials assessing a broad range of regenerative farming strategies on a progressive Durham farm are putting some solid science into efforts to improve arable...
  8. F

    What Has Happened To Parsnips?

    Christmas Dinner we always have roast Parsnips and they used to be lovely and sweet and a bit crispy. I would eat them as much as roast Potatoes. However the last few years they just seem to cook down to the size of small carrots and go all rubbery. I guess they are mostly imported from Spain...
  9. M

    Liquid or solid fert spreading

    What's everyone's preference and reasoning for?
  10. Direct Driller Magazine

    A guide to magnesium nutrition – are your crops getting enough?

    A guide to magnesium nutrition – are your crops getting enough? Written by James Warne from Soil First Farming An introduction to magnesium and its role in crops Magnesium is a crucial component in the production process of yield in any crop. It forms the centre of the chlorophyll complex. In...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Potash and nitrogen interactions are key to crop growth

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Potash and nitrogen (N) interactions have been shown, over many years, to be key determinants of crop growth and final yields. According to the Potash Development Association (PDA), a response by a crop to one nutrient being dependent on an adequate...
  12. Jockers84

    Foliar fert for grazing grass?

    Hi, was wondering if anyone uses foliar fertiliser on their grazing parks? As always - looking to keep costs down, if anyone has done this I'd be keen to pick up some pointers.
  13. Agriland RSS

    Fertiliser – as it turns out, Ireland is awash with the stuff

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland It’s hard to get away from the fertiliser debate taking place across the island of Ireland at the present time. Over the weekend just past, I listened to the latest Tillage Edge podcast from Teagasc during which crops specialist Ciaran Collins –...
  14. T

    Fruit Growers

    Hi all We planted an orchard a few years ago (North Yorkshire), have about 500 trees on some of our land, about 35 heritage varieties on MM106 rootstock. We are maybe 2 years from getting a good crop and our plan is to sell organic juice. Are there any members on here growing Apples? If so...
  15. Agriland RSS

    Forage utilisation key to improving farm sustainability

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Ruminant-based livestock sectors will achieve the sustainability improvements they need to make, through improved forage utilisation, according to United Feeds sales manager, Clarence Calderwood. Such an approach will help deliver a lower carbon...
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    Potassium has a significant role to play in terms of pest pressure

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland According to the Potash Development Association (PDA), the role of potassium in mitigating crop damage due to pest pressure is complex. Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) is the most economically important virus in UK and Irish cereal crops, with...
  17. Agriland RSS

    66% of most soils deficient in key nutrients – NRM

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland NRM has published its annual soil summary report for 2020-2021, with consolidated data from thousands of soil samples across the UK. Results show that two thirds of most soils are deficient in the key nutrients of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium...
  18. Direct Driller Magazine

    From ‘No Hope in Heck’ to Regenerative No-Tilling

    From ‘No Hope in Heck’ to Regenerative No-Tilling Ian and Dianne Haggerty are using the concepts of “Natural Intelligence Farming” to build a regenerative enterprise focused on zero tillage, livestock integration and biologically sourced inputs that boost their soil resources and...
  19. Direct Driller Magazine

    A deeper insight into soil - gamma ray spectroscopy

    Over the last two years there has been an evolution in the way that soil nutrient mapping is carried out. This has been driven by the launch of TerraMap by Hutchinsons in 2019. Terramap came at the perfect timing for farmers looking for that next level of accuracy in understanding their soils in...
  20. Direct Driller Magazine

    Why producing a microbial inoculant with a Johnson-Su bioreactor could increase productivity on regenerative farms

    Johnson-Su bioreactors have become all the rage on some regenerative farms. But what are they and how do you use them? Written By Mike Abram If first lockdown was all about building a firepit from spare discs, last autumn saw a surge in the construction of Johnson-Su bioreactors being...