1. Hutchinsons News

    Understand biostimulants for best results this spring

    Understand biostimulants for best results this spring There are often mixed views about the value of biostimulants to arable crops, but work by leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons shows they can benefit wheat yields if the correct product is applied at the optimum time. Trials over several...
  2. martian

    Groundswell 2021

    We've just put tickets on sale for this years show, which will be on 23rd/24th June, just after Boris's end of restrictions day, 21st June. So we are planning to go ahead as normal. Except nothing is normal now, not even farming. There are some really interesting things going on,on farms around...
  3. Scholsey

    Docks and rotavating

    Anybody get on well rotavating to destroy docks? Getting more and more docks in our leys and being organic obviously cant spray and even if i could i dont think i would want to with high clover %s we have.
  4. Wynnstay

    Grassland Nutrition

    Modern grass varieties have the potential to deliver superior yields and excellent feed values if managed correctly, with soil nutrition and pH being prioritised and maintained throughout the year. Before drilling a new ley, you need to understand the nutritional picture of the field. Ensure...
  5. Sandpit Farm

    Best time for spraying nettles?

    I have a steep paddock that is inundated with nettles. They are all just starting now. I’m starting to think I need to get someone to whizz across the flat bits with a quad sprayer and I can do the steep bits with a napsack. I’d rather not spray off all my herbs in the grass so would be great to...
  6. Sid

    Are we heading for another dry spring?

    Blue skies again this morning, touch of frost and no rain for next day in forecast, some snow forecast for tomorrow. Drought, I mean extended dry period, sorry @Farmer Roy
  7. teslacoils

    Old Land Drainage co's - James Richmond Ltd

    When drainage cos shut or are taken over, and idea what they do with their archives? I've a field drained by James Richmond Ltd, but only have the proposal plan rather than the "as laid down" plan which would be really helpful! Anyone know if they amalgamated with anyone?
  8. Classichay

    Weed wiper glyphosate

    afternoon all, just finished my project weed wiper which I’m more than chuffed with ( pics to follow) what brand glypho do you guys opt for? I’ve a few gallons of clinicace 360g/l in the store. Or am I better buying roundup 460g/l, I’ve been told it has to be the genuine roundup active. And...
  9. paul&mandy

    What breed for outdoor lambing

    I'm absolutely sick of these Suffolk X mules. We stick a texel over them. All lambs go fat off farm. If I was to choose a breed to not have to continually bash my head against a wall and put so many dead lambs in the bin and knacker myself trying. If they don't lick, pee off or lay on them...