1. CPM RSS

    Real Results Pioneers – Dig down to preserve potential

    Written by cpm Following a good result from her in-field fungicide trial, one Cambs grower resolved to get a better understanding of the part played by the soil. CPM checks in to find out. Keeping the solar panels clean ensures the crop is working efficiently to convert sunlight into biomass...
  2. nivilla1982

    The NI/ROI Protocol
  3. B

    The great sheep reset

    Just had a text from Halls Shrewsbury . Lamb price expected to be 265p tomorrow. Everyone said the sheep job would be on the floor after Brexit, have I missed something? Should I go back into sheep? Been out for 2 years and miss them sometimes.
  4. Try to succeed

    Twin leg mole plough - minimal heave

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to which make of twin leg mole plough produces the least heave? I currently have a moore’s mole’s machine. It produces too much heave for a direct drilling scenario. Even after cultivation’s you can feel where it has been. Therefore I’m looking for something...
  5. M

    Selling a farm

    Speaking with a friend the other day, his family are considering a sale of the family farm as they have no succession. do people think that now is a good time to sell?
  6. C

    Dog commands

    Attempting to teach new pup to be a well trained cow dog... Me and Dad work the cattle so want to use the same words. What commands are people using? CB
  7. Bossfarmer

    How much debt to take on poll!

    money is cheap just now and it seems if I'm ever going to upgrade facilities on the farm/buy additional land now would be the time to do so, this will take substantial investment but could look like money well spent by the time its paid off with inflation, I'm looking for a bit of bare land if...
  8. Farmer_Joe

    Sheep pushed reed out 8 weeks before due?

    had a few last year which was weird, (normally have maybe 1 every other year?) prob around 10+, tagged i believe all but 2 (missed them) but culled all tagged ones, just checking feeders and spotted on with reed out again but there not due till 1st april!!!! whats going on! i really hope its...
  9. Thefarmingpilot

    Direct Drilling After Root Crop

    Good Afternoon all I’m wondering what everyone’s opinion is on DD after a root crop? We have Sugar Beer planned currently, but trying to plan the crop after. Any thoughts or suggestions?