1. Banana Bar

    Self propelled to Trailed

    Who has gone from a self propelled sprayer to a trailed unit? We are currently spraying just over 4000 ac of mainly cereals with beet, beans, peas and some dreadful OSR. Mix would normally be 2/3 winter crops 1/3 spring. Almost all hanslope series clay with undulations rather than hills. We also...
  2. W

    Tractor Choice

    I am hearing more & more farmers are buying the tractor of choice that the driver wants! Is this happening as I know getting the right person is not easy in agriculture. My personal opinion is if they get there model of choice it is looked after , true or false?
  3. Banana Bar

    AB lines / boundaries

    We shall soon be looking at a new sp sprayer. Currently running a Rogator with AGCO / Topcon X30. All my AB lines and boundaries are in the screen. Ideally my next sprayer will have Trimble, can I move the lines and boundaries between the two? BB
  4. bovrill

    Trimble 250 not colouring in!

    I'd best say up front that modern technology isn't my thing, so I might be a bit out of my depth describing what's going on here. But I'll try my best! I have a Trimble 250, with the dome antenna, and it's appearing to work fine, except the satellite picture in the top left isn't lighting up...
  5. cosmagedon

    RTK Options

    My NH autosteer ready tractor is unlocked to RTK but currently on Rangepoint. What options have I got to go RTK and what extra hardware is required? How reliable are the systems via a simcard as I travel over a fair distance so I don't think a home base station would work.
  6. Zebbedee

    Case auto steer what’s required?

    As title really 2017 steer ready tractor fitted with 700 screen as I understand it needs a receiver on roof so a 372? Or 382? Will it also need a nav controller? Anything else?
  7. Tucks100

    Trimble gps codes for fm750

    Does anyone know how much codes cost for a Trimble 750 screen to go from EGNOS to the next level Rangepoint or whatever it's called thanks John
  8. steveR

    Data usage with NTRIP

    I have just been trying to do some "research" on NTRIP data requirement... Can find bugger all! How much data/ hour does a Rover Receiver use when using NTRIP for correction? I am wondering what sort of PAYG card would be suitable for modest use of 7-10 days/month? ;)
  9. J

    Trimble autosteer

    Hi does anyone run a trimble auto pilot system on a Case Styer cvx tractor and how do you get on with it? Could do with a 2nd hand one along with some hen teeth?(y)