1. MRT

    Where are all the little loader tractors?

    Thought I'd trade in my old 70-14 4x4 loader tractor plus £15,000 for a nice, up together 75 HP plus one made this milenium. Where are they? Is someone hording them??
  2. stablegirl

    Cow Connect

    Is a TMR tracking system for a feeder wagon. Like Keenans pace but a generic system. Does anyone have the system or know much about it. Looking to improve ration consistency with multiple operators. And track intakes better.
  3. Greythundercloudys

    Sanders, Isle of man, silage bales.

    Just watched these guys at silage, must have about 5 thousand bales in that stack, great video on YouTube. So amount of plastic.
  4. H

    Finishing friesion steers

    Just asking as anybody finished friesion steers at 22 months old ? If so how and too what success? Many thanks