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    Submit Your Questions For Our Upcoming Podcast

    The Agri-Hub Podcast is the home of ‘talking agriculture’; keeping you in the inside line of all things agricultural. We’re very excited to welcome all of our listeners to our latest way of sharing ideas, updates and new thoughts around the key issues farmers face day-in, day-out. Across our...
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    Wynnstay Agri-Hub Podcast - Episode 6: Dairy Robotics

    This month, Tony Morris discusses dairy robotics with Wynnstay’s Head of Dairy Services, David Howard and Izzy Lester, Farm Management Specialist from Lely, the robotics specialists. The 21st century has seen the introduction and rapid rise of robotic milking systems across the country, and...
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    Wynnstay Dairy Newsletter - Spring 2021

    The Wynnstay Dairy Newsletter offers dairy farmers seasonal advice to drive their herd's performance. Available in digital and paper formats. Click here, to request a copy.
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    Wynnstay Grass & Roots Brochure 2021

    Home-grown forage, especially good quality grass, is the most cost-effective livestock feed available, and at Wynnstay, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of grass seed mixtures to help producers maximise forage potential in this volatile time. As a completely independent...
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    The Use of Sustainable Soya in Wynnstay Feed

    How We Can Reduce Our Environmental Impact Through More Sustainable Practices With recent media and government focus on global issues such as climate change, deforestation, and sustainability, and in particular, how the agricultural sector is contributing to these, we are continually reviewing...
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    Wynnstay Agri-Hub Podcast : Episode 5: Dairy Heifers - Make Every Stage Count

    Joining Tony in this month’s podcast is Sammy Howorth, our Lancashire and Cumbria Calf & Youngstock Specialist and Mike Van Amburgh, a Professor in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University We delve into the subject of post-weaning heifers and how we can ensure they’re achieving...
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    Wynnstay Farm Focus (February - March 2021)

    Download the latest edition of Farm Focus from Wynnstay. Featuring the latest special offers and industry updates. Click here to request a digital copy
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    Wynnstay Agrihub Podcast - Episode 2, All Things Seed

    Our latest Podcast has landed 📣 In our second episode, we’re turning our attention to seeds with our Head of Seeds, Toby Reich, and our Crop Protection Manager, Simon Pope. Alongside our host, Tony Morris, our panel will be reflecting on what has been a difficult year and looking ahead to 2021...
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    Fluke Management

    For sheep, constant management of fluke is necessary because there is often no break in the grazing cycle. So, with no product persistent against fluke, a sheep treated one day can pick up infection the next if they are grazing infected pasture. In autumn, immature fluke in sheep cause damage...
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    Situation Vacant Agri Sales Assistant - Full time, based in Cross Hands

    The Cross Hands branch Ltd is now looking to recruit an enthusiastic and hardworking Store Assistant. Your main responsibilities as an Agri Sales Assistantwill include: Being a motivated and hardworking individual seeking a career in agriculture Working in a retail sales environment Being...
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    Hydrating calves and for rumen development

    We all know that water is vital for life. It is essential for hydrating calves and for rumen development. There are many reasons why I’ve seen a lack of water for calves on farm. Situations vary, sometimes not enough water is provided per pen, other times water which is contaminated, and at...
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    Making maize decisions in 2020

    Maize is proving to be a popular cropping choice for spring 2020 due to the reduced area of winter cereals. Grown to feed on the farm or to sell to others, the crop has become an important component of dairy and beef rations. Farmers are seeing the benefits from the high starch and fermentable...
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    Wynnstay Fertiliser Update - January 2020

    We witnessed world prices for fertilisers fall towards the end of 2019, this has been helped further with a strengthening of the pound sterling. Manufacturers have now reset UK prices and are considerably cheaper than they were at the same time last year. With the now improving weather that we...
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    A Good Prospect for Wynnstay’s Maize in 2020

    A Good Prospect for Wynnstay’s Maize in 2020 By Dr Simon Pope A new high-yielding maize with extremely high feed quality, called Prospect, was revealed at Wynnstay’s and Limagrain Trials Day, held at Bangor on Dee, near Wrexham, North Wales. Prospect is newly listed on the 2020 NIAB/BSPB...
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    Wynnstay Calf Team Study Tours

    Calf & Youngstock specialist for Cornwall, Devon, South Somerset, Laura Monk talks about the recent Calf Team study tour to Bavaria and Northern Ireland. https://www.wynnstayagriculture.co.uk/blog/calf-team-study-tours.html
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    Heatwave lamb milk warmer

    I ordered a Heatwave lamb milk warmer from Wynnstay in SHEEP 2016 in Malvern at a special show price, but I've forgotten the price I was offered! I'm guessing it was about £276 - £278, but I'm not sure!! Did anyone else buy/order one at the same time, and if so could you let me know how much...