123: The Transition to Responsibly Sourced Growing Media in UK Horticulture

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123: The Transition to Responsibly Sourced Growing Media in UK Horticulture

Written by AHDB

Wayne Brough, AHDB's Knowledge Exchange Manager for Ornamentals, talks to Neil Bragg of Substrate Associates, Chloe Whiteside of ADAS and Steve Carter of Tristram Plants about the transition to responsibly sourced growing media.

They chart the history of the move to peat-free growing media, the development of current projects, the ramifications alternative growing media has for manufacturers and growers and its future as we begin a new decade.

If you’re considering moving to peat-reduced or peat-free growing media, check our our top tips for making the transition a success -https://ahdb.org.uk/knowledge-library/10-top-tips-for-going-peat-free.

To access a summary of the project, annual progress reports and the aims and objectives of the mission to transition to responsibly sourced growing media use within UK Horticulture - https://ahdb.org.uk/cp-138-transition-to-responsibly-sourced-growing-media-use-within-uk-horticulture.

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