12v heavy weatherproof plug

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Nick., Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Nick.

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    We’re getting a new rtv, but I’m wanting to be able to put a weatherproof socket on to run slug pelleter, sprayer and pheasant spinner. (Not all at once.)
    At the moment we’re using a mix of all sorts of plugs. I just want to go to one reliable type across everything.
    I was thinking Anderson plugs but are they just for HD cables ?
  2. AftonShepherd

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    What is the purpose of spinning pheasants? Is it even legal?
  3. Spin them then let them go...... bit like the broom game after a few drinks :ROFLMAO:
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  4. Nick.

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    It’s a feeder. Bit like a cross between a sheep slacker and slug pelleter.
  5. Anderson socket would be the way to go imo, you can get small versions
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  6. AftonShepherd

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    You learn something every day. I actually thought it was some sort of predictive text gaffe lol.
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  7. Mursal

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    Yes Anderson and go just a shade bigger than you'll ever need, last a lifetime.

    E-Bay have them, go for a 30 or 50 AMP or even a tad bigger just for the physical size and strength
  8. Fendt516profi

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  9. A1an

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    Whilst I rate the Anderson plug Bulgin also do very good weatherproof connectors.
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  10. Nick.

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    They do look good.
    Having never used Anderson connectors do they have a cable clamp on them ?
    I can just imagine wires continuously pulling out if not.
  11. principal skinner

    Anderson all the way. Solder and crimp the wire in.
  12. HDAV

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  13. pettsy

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    Once the wires are crimped/soldered into the connections they push into the main connector and are held in place with a metal spring.
  14. Personally I wouldn’t use Anderson plugs. I’ve found to get some sort of corrosion on them and the power transfer greatly reduces. I’ve had to pull the pins and clean in a wire wheel before now.

    I’d use Deutsche plugs if it was me.
  15. seedman stains

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