2020 Blowfly Alert

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Strike risk still very high - stay vigilant


NADIS, in collaboration with Elanco, have once again launched the blowfly risk alert to help farmers and prescribers keep up-to-date and stay aware of the blowfly challenge throughout the season. Elanco encourages farmers and prescribers to report a case of strike on the blowfly tracker to help others be aware of the risk in their local area and across the country.

Professor Richard Wall from Bristol University comments 'Predicting strike risk at this time of year can become very difficult because the weather can change quickly. The blowfly population is still very high and any periods of warm weather particularly with accompanying rainfall will mean that sheep are at severe risk. This is a particular problem since prophylactic treatments applied in early summer may have now ceased offering protection. Any sudden fall in temperature, however, will see the blowfly population start to decline reducing this risk. Because of the uncertainty, it is important to remain extremely vigilant'.

However, there have been several reports of fly strike on the Elanco Blowfly Tracker www.farmanimalhealth.co.uk/tracker, so shepherds should remain vigilant for clinical signs, and report them through our website https://alerts.nadis.org.uk

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