25 cows and making good profit... 40 years ago!!!

Discussion in 'Dairy Farming' started by startinghandle, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.
    Do you think they just spent until all was gone ? private schools will have gave alot of bank balances some grief over the years.
  2. Barleycorn

    Barleycorn Member

    To be honest I lost touch with them years ago. The kids all left home and the parents retired, long dead now. You've got me interested now, will have to ask a mate who lives near to their farm what happened to them.
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  3. Frodo

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    Scotland (east)
    That's what it's for. Could have done worse. Hopefully they enjoyed it and gave the whole family best chance in life.
  4. vantage

    vantage Member

    Where are you based?
    In a concentrated milk field it is easier to get your milk collected as tankers probably go past the end of your drive,milk cows in a sparse milk field not so easy.
  5. Dairy farmers of britain stopping ended all the small herds around here. Theres only one big herd of about 200 cows now for probably 10 miles in any direction
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  6. Kiwi Pete

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    Owaka, New Zealand
    A young couple near us milk 8 cows (and 4 in the winter) they sell butter and cheeses and homemade knitwear, meat and fruit pies and all sorts of trees and shrubs from a nursery.
    Oh, and breed goats.

    30 acres.

    They deserve to be well off, IMO (y) that's what you get for not giving your sh!t away "coz it's the easy thing to do."

    Lots of ways to skin a cat
  7. yin ewe

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    Co Antrim
    The problem nowadays is we all need 'stuff' in our lives, 2/3 cars is normal for most households, with all the costs involved. A mf 135 with a 4 cwt fertiliser sower behind simply doesn't cut the mustard anymore. Has to be sp harvester, triple mowers, 50' rake, 3no 16 ton Kane halfpipes and a quarry shovel for silage, then we need a consultant to tell us how to put it in the silo and how to feed it to the cattle. We need ipads, iphones, widescreen tvs, laptop computers, the list is endless.
    I'm not any better than anyone else of course, it's a vicious cycle that society as a whole is caught up in, and I'm not sure if we are better or worse off as a result, it's just the reason why 25 cows on 40 acres is now the exception rather than the rule.
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  9. Jameshenry

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    Sadly i think we are worse off !
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  10. You're probably right!
  11. Adam@Rumen

    Adam@Rumen Member

    Input costs would be one of the biggest changes in my opinion.

    Back in the day everything was sourced locally and a small margin would have been made by the supplier over their cost. Nowadays the cost of product for these larger companies is far less important and they maximise profit by selling the potential return of their goods.
  12. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    Agreed, i dont think a private education is giving them any more chance than any other education , them days are long gone imho, and too blow the family silver on school fees would be foolish but just my opinion, if school fees easily afforded and that what wanted go for it but too throw everything including the kitchen sink at it would be silly these days.
  13. Frodo

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    Scotland (east)
    Your probably right, but equally to, skimp and save, live a live of drudgery, sending the girls to a sink school with no prospects, to allow the son to continue your misery is hardly ideal either.

    It's all a bit off topic.
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  14. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.
    Its all relative to profit tho aint it and how much you want need etc etc so i think its quite within topic.
  15. Cowcorn

    Cowcorn Member

    Ah red label. nuts that brings back childhood memories.
    Abreast parlour and british friesian cows that never got lame and were rarely sick !
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  16. Spudley

    Spudley Member

    I want to say Freshways but I am not 100% sure. I'm Pembs/Carms border so there are many tankers up and down the roads round here, they'd have no problem filling a corner in any number of them.
  17. adam92

    adam92 New Member

    As a relief milker in co monaghan my smallest herd is 18 in a byre and the bigest is 280 cows
  18. zsnotdead

    zsnotdead Member

    Jeez yin ewe i dont know whether to sell up or double up
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  19. yin ewe

    yin ewe Member

    Co Antrim
    Definitely double up lad, you'll be able to go to Spain for a fortnight then(y)
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  20. The only privately educated farmers I've met are without exception, unexceptional.

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