Acidosis in sheep

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    Hi. We are pretty new to farming so not got lots of knowledge and experience. We have some lambs in the shed to try and fatten up. We think they may have acidosis. I have seen people have said bicarb soda would help. Anybody know how much bicarb to water and how much per sheep?
  2. If badly affected they are very difficult to treat sucessfully.

    Consult a vet .....from a large animal practice (y)

    Common sense will say Stop feeding them the concentrate / grain that caused the problem firstly

    and they wont get it eating just grass, hay, silage .......

    When (change of feed type )feeding grain nuts ie concentrate - introduce this very slowly (miniscle amonts ) building up the quantity over 3 weeks or so ....this allows the sheep stomach to adjust to that type of feed (y) ...
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