AD plants.

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  1. Lawless

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    Are they worth looking at?
    Do they stack up again?
    Just curious as I think there have been a few tariff changes?
  2. warksfarmer

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    You’ll need double the land area the AD plants. Very roughly 1000ac of cropping will fuel a 1MW plant if it’s all coming off the fields. Add in wastes then less land is required.
    It’s a full time job as you can’t be to far away in case of any issues.
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  3. RKE-Biogroup1

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    West Sussex
    RKE-Biogroup Ltd was established by a team of highly experienced professionals from the bioenegery and waste industries. Our goal is to help produce clean energy from waste products whilst simultaneously providing companies with a low cost ethical solution to disposing of organic waste. Your waste will be used to create a biofuel that will be transformed to biomethane gas in our anaerobic digesters and fed into the national grid. RKE food waste recycling service accepts loose, packaged and liquid waste contained within skips, compactors, trade waste vehicles, drums, IBC’s, tankers, dolav’s and on pallets. Loose food waste is fed straight into the Anaerobic Digestion Plant while packaged waste is processed in a special de-packaging machine and then re-used via waste to energy.

    We collect:
    • Category 2 ABPs
    • Category 3 ABPs
    • Meat & Fish
    • All Dairy Products
    • Vegetables & Fruit
    • Bread Cakes & Pastries
    • Rice Pasta & Beans
    • Uneaten Food

    All food waste, DAF sludge, oils, fats, and slurries are accepted.

    If you are interesting in discussing the above please contact us for further information!
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    The problem with this is you invest a few million to set up the plant to take your waste, then all of a sudden the waste contracts aren’t there or only last a few years into a 20 yr project. A farmer can only set up a plant with the view of using his own land, then any additional waste contract is a benefit.
  5. ^^^^ exactly.

    Dont let the grant tail wag the dog!
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  6. warksfarmer

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  7. Forage Trader

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    Ive asked this before .Why are so many going bust, no one wants to supply them as the money's not safe .well that's all I here .should not listen to gossip I know . But it does provide an endless supply of forage for livestock farmers
  8. Whynot

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    Where are all these AD plants that have gone bust?
    Why is the money not safe?
    And yes, I do have an AD plant.
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