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  1. Is it just me, I'm on the tablet a lot to read the forum and I'm always hitting the adds on the right hand side and its annoying the fudge out of me. Is it possible to make the adds a bit narrower please.
  2. bravheart

    bravheart Member

    scottish borders
    Right faking pain now.
    It’s not just you, was about to ask this very question when I discovered turning the tablet 90 degrees (Portrait now) hides the adds.
    Seems a bigger problem lately, have things changed in the office? @Chris F etc.
    Would rather hide them altogether.
  3. Just seen the alert and came to see, and the add for British Farming Awards is on the side and that is just right for me and my big thumb to miss.
  4. Chris F

    Chris F Staff Member

    Nothing has changed, there shouldn't be any adds on the right hand side on a tablet - what tablet is it and which way are you holding it Portrait or Landscape?
  5. As to tablet ?
    Portrait no adds but landscape adds.
    Prefer landscape, portrait is just so no.
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  6. Chris F

    Chris F Staff Member

    It will depend on the exact size of the ipad and its resolution. Once they get to a certain size they crossover with computer screens where the side bar appears.

    Everything is going to change with the move to TFF V2, in this version we have updated the mobile version and is much much better on a tablet in portrait too.
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