Admixing slug pellets with OSR seed


BASE UK Member
After my fiasco with slugs grazing down drill rows last year and not coming up for surface applied pellets am going to admix with seed this year.
Have not done this before and was wondering if any particular brand/type of pellet works best ( worried about possible settling out of fractions whilst drilling)
Was going to try Gusto as they are quite small and robust.


Mixed Farmer
We mix gusto with our rape seed they are similar in size and don't seem to separate easily . We mix in a old butter churn but a cement mixer will do the job , beware of the dust and I would wear a mask .


Mixed Farmer
It's worked very well for us for 8 years now we only have one seeder on our subsoiler and find it's the cheapest form of establishing rape for us . We only mix small batches and use 1kg of pellets per ha .

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