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    Hi folks , looking at taking up vintage match ploughing as a hobby to get away from the farm , can anyone try and tell me the cut of year for machines in vintage and also classic , so I have a rough idea of what machines I need to look at, kiss terms please . Any idea of where to look for tractors and ploughs , I'm in Central Scotland /Perthshire. Plenty on eBay but hear of so many scare stories of getting scammed on eBay not sure if I want to use them , tia
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  3. vintage tractor has to be in production pre 31/12/1959 on all models, so say an IHC B275 was used and its a 1965 build year, it was in production from 1958 so is ok, yet a 1961 super dexta id not, as it was only first produced in 1961 that model
    same applies to ploughs for vintage Best plough is a Ramsome TS59, fitted with YL bodies for this class, and tractor I would say a B275
    classic is a bit more of a minefield, @Howard150 would know better,
    the classic tractor for ploughing is from first production date after 1/1/1960 to 1976 approx, and must not have a Q cab,
    ploughs, is where I am not sure, as some are not allowed in England again @Howard150 would help here
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    Basically as John says for Classic Class. Tractor pre 76 with no Q cab fitted. No four wheel drive conversions although a 4000 four is ok (Production model from County)
    If you’re in Scotland then anything goes plough wise in the Classic Class as long as it was produced before 1976. England is much more restrictive with only a few boards being allowed in the Classic Class. Definitely no World Style, Duncan’s or Fiskars.
    For Classic Ploughing in Scotland best guy to put you right is Wuddy. Should be along on here before too long.
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  5. your bang on David, @wuddy would know the Scottish side of the job
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    Scottish Borders
    @mossop i have sent you a message. All the info on ages of tractors and eligible ploughs is available on the Scottish ploughing championship website. As mentioned rules are slightly different across the border. In your area there is also the complication that some matches run 10” and 12” classes rather than vintage and classic.
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    Scottish Borders
    Sorry was lagging a bit today! Here now though.
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