Agricultural Bearings

Agricultural Bearings

At Simply Bearings, we sell a great range of agricultural bearings, disc harrow bearings and square bore bearing products for a range of applications.

Our agricultural bearings are designed to suit the specific needs of the farming industry - needs that include varied loads, extremes of temperature, corrosive environments and high-capacity loads. Our agricultural bearings have a range of custom and standardised bearing designs, and we offer a full line of insert ball bearings with a range of popular seal designs, whether you need a heavy-duty triple or a low torque shield. Our bearings are also designed to require minimal maintenance and offer excellent sealing conditions in challenging environments.

Similarly, you will find a very high-quality range of disc harrow bearings. Our products are supplied with triple lip seals to prevent dirt from entering the mechanism. Other features for the agricultural industry include roller chains and ag bearings to specifically suit farming equipment. You can search for disc bearings by brand or by size.

For square bore ball bearings you'll find that we have everything you need. These products are specialised in nature and like standard product single-row ball bearings but with a square interior inner ring designed to fit square shafts. You'll find that these products are usually sized by inches rather than in metric sizes.

The farming industry tends to use square bore bearings most typically for machinery, but other industries make use of them too, and at Simply Bearings, you'll find that we stock everything you need at great prices. We have over 20,000 products in stock. Our bearings, accessories, fitting kits and more are of the highest quality, and we are accredited under ISO9001 as a mark of our commitment to excellence.

If you can't find the square bore bearing or disc harrow bearing that you need, please contact our friendly team, who will be happy to help. We stock the biggest brands and are official sales partners for a number of top bearings brands. We offer trade accounts for large and regular orders and discounts for bulk purchases, with rapid delivery and an easy returns service, supported by excellent customer service.

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