anybody uses Electric chainsaw sharpener and what do you think of them


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recently brought a electric chainsaw sharpener to sharpen chains and save time if you hit a nail because it does it quicker than by doing by hand .doing it by hand with mounted sharpener onto the guide bar seems to get it sharper then using the electric sharpener .and if you sharpen by electric one it goes blunt very quickly .what do others use?


I have one and find it the opposite its saved a couple of what I thought was rubbish chains but totally brought back into use after a few chains It will have paid for itself.
I bought a granberg precision sharpener, having been a big file fan I am now converted to the granberg. It is a faff setting it up sometimes, but it makes sharpening a 25" bar chain a piece of cake, no heating or blueing, every cutter the same size, and you can also do the depth gauges too. Brilliant tool and the edge does last better than I can do it with 10 strokes of a file. And being 12 volt can come to the job too.

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I use a Carlton bench grinder ,brilliant machine ,both 325 and 3/8 th discs ,has all the angles and depth set adjusters
,bit pricey but in comparison to 7-8qd to have a chain sharpened plus fuel to get there its paid for itself times over


Once every now and then, but they are severe on the links. A rub of a file at roughly the right angle more frequently might be an alternative? Cant find cheap .325 files on E-Bay though.


n.f.i. another mystery, no bad language please ..................... :scratchhead:

Thanks, I'll have a wee look on E-Bay, seems a city sort, not exactly out in the sticks with that fancy wall.
Had another look at the pictures, seems as though it takes a bit of steel of the top/front of the links rather than inside the link?

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