Apple Migration assistant


Anybody ever used this? I've got a new iMac which is partially set up with iCloud and Thunderbird which I did at my home address due to having 30mb broadband. However the iMac at work then has various other things on it like Microsoft Office for Mac, printer drivers etc.
If i use the migration assistant will it duplicate the things I have already installed at home? For example iCloud has downloaded 12,000 photo's so I don't want them duplicated but I need to get things like Office across.


With Migration assistant you can select the items you want to transfer over to some degree.

Leave iCloud stuff to upload automatically


Use Time Machine to back-up to an external drive and then restore to your new computer. That is by far the easiest in my opinion. Then just delete the things you don't want with a click or three. You really should regularly or automatically use Time Machine to back up anyhow and I'm sure you do.
If however your work computer belongs to another business to which you are not in charge of, be very careful about what you copy.

Which reminds me to do a back-up this instant.

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