are optima batteries any good ??

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by startinghandle, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. I am getting ready for overhauling the engine in my dexta and it will need a new battery and I am thinking of fitting an optima but I have read all sorts of reports ranging from excellent to completely useless ...I am sure someone here has used them thanks in advance
  2. smcapstick

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    I have one on my Linde H25D. It came with it already fitted, I’ve had it for years and it still never fails - even when it’s -10.
  3. A1an

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    Quality batteries.

    Granted, ive not used one in a tractor but in boats. Great staying power.
  4. Farmerdunk

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    Got one for our Bateman sprayer, excellent battery
  5. Mdt

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    An excellent battery, won't be disappointed.
  6. Greenbeast

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    East Sussex
    One of the top brands
  7. thanks for all replies... optima it will be
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    Buy locally and get the longest warranty you can.
    You pay for the warranty ..............

    Highest Cold Cranking Current (CCA) you can get in the battery box, sorted
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    Never had an Optima....but could never really find them big enough for my needs.

    Personally I'd stick to a silver Varta every time.
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    Had an optima on our combine never any problems other than it was a bit to small. Did however by a gel bike battery last year, JMT and supposedly German via a company called Bikaholics both load of crap.
  12. Humding

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    I have 5 of them. Excellent batteries from what I have witnessed. The first one I bought is still going at somewhere around 16 years old. Two more are around 12 years old and the last two are about a year and a half.
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