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Do you think the prices will hold?
I really don't know what will happen ref store cattle prices, unless the prime jumps up then I cannot see how the current store price can be sustained for long but then there is no sense in anything these days so the prime price could stay the same and the store price could go higher or lower, anyone's guess which will be right and only time will tell which it will be!

If you have good strong stores to sell then I would get them in the store ring sooner rather than later as the current trade is too good to miss!


Surely the store cattle price can't stay so told that at Cally fat sale last week half the cattle went back on farm. Cheaper to buy out the fat ring than the store.


North Yorkshire
This time of year is usually bad for for buying store cattle, not only have you got fattening men buying cattle every single week of the year to keep numbers up (now buying smaller younger cattle as well) also the grass men are out in force plenty of which didn't buy cattle last autumn to winter a few as there was very little confidence in cattle back then. This is making for a very strong trade. But if folk think they are to dear don't buy them!!!!!!!!

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