best mules for heathland


In simple terms
NCC Park Type, big heavy boned terminal sire no horns and a big roman nose
NCC Lairg Type half way between a Park and a South type giving the best attributes of both some tips have horns most dont, narrower head
Hill Cheviot or South type is a smaller woolier stocky type with a short square head, tips have horns
Yes but then you have the St Boswell type...


Thinks there’s more variety it the Lleyn’s than the Cheviots in my humble opinion
You're probably right, I sourced my foundation ewes from 4 flocks and had to cull a lot... far to many and it's only now I'm happy with them, that's because apart from a handful my whole flock is home bred.
I'm not knocking the cheviot, i brought a few in the early days and I've got one left, she was marked for culling but I kept her, cracking ewe, they just don't like being near people... they just run through you not around, but they do a grand job with their lambs... I'd definitely have them again given the right circumstances!
IMO there are good and bad examples of all breeds and choice of breed isn't necessarily the OP biggest issue, getting the right type with the best genetics for that ground would be the priority, @Guiggs post above illustrates this well.

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