biogest or anyother gas plant in the south west

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  1. seedman stains

    lost in france
    We are planing a visit to the uk in the next week or fortnight to view a biogest plant hopefully,sometimes you arnt always shown the best examples,anyone down there with a biogest plant producing gas ideally willing to show us around or anyone else in that area open to a visit as well?
  2. kill

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    South West
    Google "Greener for Life" as they run several diegestors and also supply gas for town and factory usage in Devon
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  3. seedman stains

    lost in france
    Thanks for that.
  4. penntor

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    sw devon
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  5. seedman stains

    lost in france
    Had a visit to a couple of Greener for life plants last week.
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  6. New Puritan

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    East Sussex

    I've been there as well and the guy who runs it really knows his stuff, he does troubleshooting for other people's plants too and is a top bloke.
  7. tanker

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    Wyke Farms near Castle Cary in Somerset(used to work for them many years ago), a fairly new set up winning lots of plaudits..
  8. Will Wilson

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